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Find great deals to Germany online with Voyage Prive; explore this magnificent country and experience the elegant charm, historic beauty and stunning architecture of Europe’s economic powerhouse; book online today.

A nation where the urban and rural combine

Germany is a left-field holiday destination for some, but that simply should not be the case as Europe’s economic engine room is also a rich tapestry of history, architecture and stunning countryside. In the summer, it also has fantastic weather to rival many Southern European nations.

It’s true that Germany doesn’t offer the typical beach holiday, unless you head north to the Hamburg region, but you can join the locals at the many recreational lakes, soak up the sunshine and go for a swim in the fresh water. Then, once you have had your fill you can head out into miles of unspoilt countryside to enjoy some of the most spectacular views you’ll ever see. Germany is an industrial nation, but it is also vast and has a healthy farming community, so there is beautiful scenery and great walks to be had all around the country.

Fascinating architecture steeped in history

For those who love architecture, Germany has a great deal to offer, from the towering Gothic and Baroque influences in Munich to the cute chocolate box-style farmhouses that line the country roads. Of course, there are the chilling reminders of the Berlin Wall at the Brandenburg Gate and other landmark moments in German history at Nuremberg, Auschwitz and more.

Germany is also famous for its modern and minimalistic Bauhaus style, not to be confused with the hardware store of the same name, which has given rise to many of the modern houses that artfully combine vast sheets of glass with metallic frames.

Authentic and delicious German cuisine

German food might not have made the global culinary impact of its French and Swiss neighbours, but you’ll find some of the finest restaurants on offer in Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart. These are thriving cities in one of the strongest countries in Europe and that has brought with it diversity, affluence and some of the best shopping, leisure and dining you can imagine. The Germans are also very serious about bread and sausages, so prepare to be surprised by the variety on offer.

Berlin is the heart of liberal Germany, as well as its capital. Art galleries line the streets, the squares are heavy with cafes and crowds and there is something for literally everyone. So sign up to our site and take a look at our exclusive discounts on handpicked German hotels and guesthouses; you’ll be glad you stepped off the beaten path.

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