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Zanzibar is the land of spices, wild beaches covered in white sand and beautiful, peaceful sparkling seas. Its incredible cultural heritage paired with its stunning natural beauty make it a perfect holiday destination!

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Zanzibar's natural beauties make it famous worldwide. It is a perfect place for exploring the wonders of the sea, you can swim with dolphins in the wild and spot whales while you hang out in your boat. The experience of having a dip in the sea and spotting dolphins swimming beneath you is one that you won't forget easily!

Zanzibar's rich nature is so plentiful that you don't even have to go into the water to enjoy the benefits of snorkeling! There are thin, white beaches, only 20 minutes away from Stone Town. These beaches periodically disappear, leaving behind a stunning array of sea creatures, which you can admire as you walk around. It's an unmissable experience and one that our hand-picked deals can deliver to you in the best possible package.

Discover the city: attractions in Stone Town

Our selection of luxury hotels make it incredibly easy and pleasant to explore the city of Stone Town. You can wander about the alleyways to photograph the famous Zanzibar gates or Freddie Mercury's house - the singer was born and spent the first years of his life in Zanzibar, where his Iranian father worked.

Enter the market for a complete sensory experience and get lost in the intricate alleys, full of clothes, dresses, jewellery and hand-made objects. You can also find shops run by women's co-ops, which can offer you creams, beauty products, dresses and Sasik pillow covers.

Don't forget to visit the Palace of Wonders, built by Zanzibar's third sultan for his wife, as an apology for his 99 concubines. Until the seventies, it was the only building with electricity in the country, and it has the first elevator in Africa.

Delight your palate with one of the world's most extraordinary culinary cultures

There is a stunning variety of local specialties, full of the natural flavours of the land: fruits, vegetables and fish dominate, they are absolutely delicious. Our exceptional discounts mean that you will have plenty of funds left over to explore the best of restaurants in the country!

And should you want to stick to some home-cooked food, you can try your hand at a typical Zanzibar dish - it's a plantain-based dish, perfect when paired with meat and fish. All you need to do is to put the plantains in salted, boiling water. When they change colour, take them out of the water and peel them. Then cut them, fry an onion and fry them with it. After a minute, add coconut oil. After yet another minute, add tomato pulp. Keep it on the fire, and keep stirring, for about ten minutes. This is a flavor of Zanzibar that you can take home with you!

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