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Tours New York

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New York: history, culture and music as you explore a different side to the city that never sleeps.

Weekend tours in New York

New York is a city with so much to offer. On your luxury holiday, why not take the time to more than scratch its surface?

Ellis Island is a great place to go to get a feel for what it was like when people arrived, looking for a new beginning. Historically, so much hope was placed in New York as the destination for new starts, and Ellis Island was where it all began for many immigrants. Today, New York is a fusion of culture from many population influxes, and whilst your desire to travel to the Big Apple may be different, it remains a city of wonder and empowerment. With our exclusive accommodation provided, the amazement of your NYC experience is only set to increase.

Swap glamour for culture

Many people head for the shops of Manhattan but we recommend you find out more about the humble beginnings and head downtown. The Tenement Museum offers walking tours, giving you the opportunity to explore a typical tenement building as actors take on the parts of former inhabitants. It’s a different experience to clichéd tours in New York your friends and family might talk about, but you'll be the centre of attention when they want to hear your top tips for alternatives.

A musical interlude

Having taken in some of the city’s history, finish your day with a good meal in one of the thousands of restaurants, offering cuisine from around the world. New York is known for its delicious, rich food, with some of the top restaurants in the world based in Manhattan - and of course, don't forget the typical hot dog and pretzel stands for that true New York experience.

Why not forget Broadway musicals and listen to the music? We suggest you start your day with an all-American brunch in the place that inspired Suzanne Vega to write Tom’s Diner before walking it off in Central Park and visiting the spot where John Lennon was shot, commemorated near the Dakota Building. If you've got time, you could even take in a different type of music at the world famous Carnegie Hall.

There is so much to do and see during tours in New York that you'll just keep coming back for more. Whether you have a checklist of art galleries, shops and shows, or want to see the things that others don’t even know about, you're sure to have the time of your life. Sign up to make sure that you don’t miss our exclusive deals and get ahead of the crowd to uncover more of New York in luxury surroundings.

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