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With its dazzling neon cities, South Korea offers travellers an incredible array of unique experiences, staggering natural beauty and a history and culture that stretches back over 5000 years. Read on to find out what our hand-picked holiday deals can offer you.

Explore South Korea, where the ancient meets the modern

We can offer you excellent deals on South Korea holidays, ensuring you can dive right into this amazing experience without straining your bank account. Visitors can have a trip they’ll never forget in South Korea, where a rich and varied history has shaped the country into an Asian nation unlike any other. Whether you’re getting lost in the modern metropolis of Seoul, delving into the country’s fascinating history, exploring the beautiful countryside or getting involved with one of South Korea’s many festivals, you’re sure to have a whirlwind of new and exciting experiences you won’t easily forget!

Our hand-picked holiday offers allow you to enjoy everything South Korea has to give and stay in comfort you simply can’t find with other travel companies. We invite you to stay at one of many luxurious, well-reputed hotels with wonderful facilities, including sumptuous spas and private swimming pools. If you’re travelling with children, we also have many deals with hotels that cater for families, offering children’s menus and childcare facilities.

South Korea has snow sports to rival the Alps

Though it may not be famous for it, South Korea has some of the best skiing and snowboarding spots anywhere in the world, most notably in the county of Pyeongchang. Our last-minute South Korea deals mean you’ll have plenty of money to spare for an exhilarating ski trip.

Set to host the 2018 Winter Olympics, Pyeongchang is home to two popular ski resorts: Alpensia and Yongpyong, which will be hosting most of the events. Whether you’re a complete novice or a slope-addict, Pyeongchang county offers a skiing experience you can’t find anywhere else.

Lose yourself in South Korea’s beautiful countryside

While Seoul is the most famous image people associate with South Korea, no traveller should leave without taking a walk through some of its staggeringly beautiful rural areas. The Olle Trail is a particularly popular way to do this, offering breath-taking views of Seongsan Ilchu-bong, an 182m-high volcano, and one of the penninsula’s famous natural wonders.

Whether you want to relax in a placid, beautiful rural area, have a adrenaline-pumping ski trip or explore the cosmopolitan delights of the urban sprawl, South Korea is waiting for you. Browse our last minute deals on South Korea holidays for unbelievable discounts you can’t find anywhere else, and find your ideal holiday with our range of hand-picked luxury hotels.

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