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Long associated with the mystery of the sea, the archetypal tropical island and the wonders of the New World, Bermuda is a strange contradiction. A little outcrop of England caught in the enormous Sargasso Sea.

Explore the wonders of the natural world with world-class diving and crystal clear waters

It may be only 20 miles in length, but Bermuda packs a huge amount of outdoor activities into a relatively small space. World famous for its mysterious weather, sudden storms and dangerous reefs, it's no surprise that Bermuda is surrounded by many fabulous shipwrecks that make it the ideal backdrop for diving. With a huge number of coral reefs surrounding the island - home to many species of fish and marine life - combined with deep blue waters that are crystal clear, it's a diver's paradise.

It's also home to nature reserves both marine and terrestrial, with swathes of land in almost pristine condition tapering down to sandy beaches and warm, blue seas. In the water, there are fantastic lagoons for swimming and cliffs perfect for diving, with trails all over the island that lead from one gorgeous swimming hole to the next. Cooper's Island Nature Reserve is the perfect slice of island life, packed with acres of cedarwood trees and herbs and allspice, mixing together to create a fragrant paradise. Watch out too for the Kingfishers and giant land crabs that call the area home. For more adventurous nature lovers, whale and dolphin watching boats can be joined or chartered.

A little piece of England dropped into the tropics

If the sea is where Bermuda works, then golf is what it does with its spare time. One of the most intriguing parts of this Little England in the Sargasso is its love affair with the sport - with many courses dotted around the island. It's touches like this, combined with pretty churches, red telephone boxes and ubiquitous pubs that remind you that you're in a UK overseas territory. Bermuda wears its identity and its history on its sleeve, there are many ways for history buffs to catch up with the days when Bermuda was an important frontier island that linked Britain with the Caribbean. Explore Fort St Catherine, the Royal Dockyards, the National Museum and Gibbs Lighthouse to get a taste.

Where Bermuda really stands out is in its life as a resort island. Famous as a destination for newlyweds, it's also perfect for families, romantic trips and for solo excursions - with a variety of resorts to cater for your every need. Sign up to Voyage Prive for our handpicked offers, only available here: From pampering to adventure and water sports, there are many truly world class options that leave any traveller spoiled for choice.

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