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Last Minute Holidays Madeira

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If last-minute holidays to Madeira sound like an amazing idea, then you are in the right spot. At Voyage Privé, we offer our members an impressive list of amazing deals at the best luxury hotels in top travel destinations like Madeira. Booking with us is a great option if you need to find the perfect hotel on short notice!

Why take a last-minute trip to Madeira?

The archipelago of Madeira is a spectacular destination for a last-minute holiday. With its stunning coastline and mountains covered in a lush rainforest, the region is one of the most breathtaking on the planet. Madeira is a popular travel destination with many world-class hotels. There is something for every type of traveller out there in this iconic location. When you choose the team here at Voyage Privé, you can count on finding the right accommodation to allow you to explore all that this Portuguese archipelago has to offer.

The Voyage Prive travel expert's opinion on last-minute holidays in Madeira

Our Voyage Privé travel expert is excited to recommend Madeira to you as a top destination for last-minute holiday bookings. The region's amazing weather, enchanting scenery, world-class dining and thrilling nightlife all help to make the case for booking a short-notice trip to this popular Portuguese archipelago off the coast of Africa. We are confident that you will make lifelong memories that will have you wanting to return.

5 things to do on a last-minute trip to Madeira

Pestana Churchill Bay 4*

1. The Cristo Rei Statue

Located on Ponta do Garjau, the Cristo Rei Statue is a landmark that is impossible to miss when spending time in this area of Madeira. This towering statue of Christ was built in 1927 and designed by Pierre Charles Lenoir and Georges Serraz.

2. Pico do Arieiro

Pico do Arieiro is the third-highest peak in Madeira, and it is also one of the most popular spots to view spectacular sunrises. An excursion to this stunning spot is highly recommended for early risers spending time enjoying last-minute holidays in Madeira.

3. Ponta de São Lourenço

Located on the easternmost part of Madeira is a pristine natural reserve that enjoys protected status. If you visit on a clear day, you might just get a stunning view of the neighbouring island of Porto Santo.

4. Lagoa do Vento

Lagoa do Vento is a spectacular lake in Madeira that will simply take your breath away with its natural beauty. This beauty is taken to the next level with the sight of the Lagoa Dona Beja waterfall crashing into the water below. It is a great spot to spend an afternoon swimming or enjoying a picnic while on last-minute holidays in Madeira.

5. Praia Formosa

Only a quick 10 minutes from Funchal is the family-friendly Praia Formosa Beach. It is a popular destination for both sunbathers and swimmers and includes amenities for the kids and many nearby local restaurants and bars.

Which hotel to choose for your last-minute stay in Madeira

1.?Pestana Churchill Bay 4*

Pestana Churchill Bay 4*

The Pestana Churchill Bay 4* is a luxurious property that offers stunning bay views from its location on the coast of Madeira. The property features an outdoor swimming pool that overlooks the fishing town of Câmara de Lobos. You will be accommodated in a Superior Deluxe Room with breakfast served daily during your stay. These factors are sure to enhance your last-minute holiday in Madeira.

2.?Madeira Panoramico Hotel 4*

Madeira Panoramico Hotel 4*

The Madeira Panoramico Hotel 4* is close to top attractions, including Funchale's Botanical Gardens and the Municipal Theatre. Waking up to stunning coast views is sure to prepare you for time exploring all the delights that this beautiful region offers.

3.?Hotel Madeira Gardens 4* - Adult Only

Hotel Madeira Gardens 4* - Adult Only

The Hotel Madeira Gardens 4* - Adult Only is a luxury property that offers panoramic views of Funchal and key amenities like a rooftop Jacuzzi, daily breakfast, a pair of restaurants and two bars. Enjoying last-minute getaways in Madeira is easy when you choose this outstanding accommodation option.

4.?Vidamar Resort Madeira 5*

Vidamar Resort Madeira 5*

When you check in at the Vidamar Resort Madeira 5*, you will quickly notice the incredible coastal views that are available from the sun terrace of this cliffside hotel in Madeira. The property is home to 2,000 square metres of swimming pools, a bar and sun loungers. These factors make this an ideal accommodation option for soaking up the sun during your last-minute getaway.

5.?Quinta Do Lorde 5*

Quinta Do Lorde 5*

The Quinta Do Lorde 5* is an impressive 5-star Madeira hotel with its own beach area and marina. You will rest comfortably in an upgraded room with spectacular sea views during your stay. Notable amenities that will enhance your Madeira last-minute holidays include a gym, a pair of restaurants and a multi-use sports field.

Practical information on last-minute travel to Madeira

Before heading out for last-minute travel to Madeira, we recommend making sure that you have come up with a sound budget for your trip. Regarding packing, items to bring include charging cables for your mobile devices and plug converters. You will also want swimwear, comfortable walking shoes, sandals, extra toiletries, seasonal clothing and evening attire.

What is the weather like in Madeira?

Madeira enjoys a sub-tropical climate that includes hot and dry summers. This is a key factor that makes the region such a popular destination for a last-minute holiday.

What budget to plan

Last-minute holidays planned in a hurry can result in unexpected expenses. Given this fact, it is always advisable for you to prepare some extra cash.

How to get to Madeira

The main arrival airport for the region is Madeira Airport, located in Santa Cruz. Top airlines like easyJet, British Airways and Jet2 regularly offer flights to the region out of major airports like Leeds, Birmingham, Glasgow and London Gatwick.

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