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Last minute Brazil

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Helping you to achieve your travel goals is what we do best here at Voyage Privé. Our team is excited about the opportunity to help you find your best last-minute Brazil holiday booking. Continue reading to find out about our top picks for this incredible part of the world.

Why take a last-minute trip to Brazil?

The list of reasons to head to Brazil for a last-minute holiday is extensive. A few notable points include the country's rich cultural history, amazing cuisine, stunning beaches, magical waterfalls and some of the world's most exciting nightlife. Experiencing this and more is easy when you book your dream getaway in Brazil with Voyage Privé. We can help you find the perfect hotel, resort or tour package for an unforgettable travel experience in South America.

The Voyage Privé travel expert's opinion on last-minute holidays in Brazil

When it comes to the topic of Brazil, the Voyage Privé travel expert is excited to recommend the amazing deals that we are featuring in this article. Our offers give you the opportunity to explore the beaches, rainforests, waterfalls, cities, history, unique culture and cuisine of Brazil. You will find an impressive selection of booking options with something to suit every type of traveller. Our goal is to help you to achieve your goal of discovering the amazing sights and sounds of Brazil when you embark on an unforgettable, last-minute getaway.

5 things to do on a last-minute trip to Brazil

1. The nightlife of Rio de Janeiro

No trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is complete without taking in some of the region's iconic nightlife. Regardless of what kind of experience you are looking for, you are sure to find a great spot when you explore this iconic city's top bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

2. Iguazu Falls

Located on the border between Brazil and Argentina, Iguazu Falls is one of the most stunning sights you can view while on holiday in this incredible region of South America. They divide the Iguazu River into its upper and lower sections and are a part of the world's largest waterfall system.

3. Tijuca National Park

Tijuca National Park is one of Brazil's most unique attractions. The urban park is located in the mountainous region around Rio de Janeiro and is part of the Atlantic Biosphere Preserve.

4. Explore Salvador

Founded in 1549, Salvador is Brazil's fourth-largest city and the perfect place to explore. You will find fascinating historic sites around the region as well as stunning examples of architecture. It is also a great area for dining, shopping and nightlife.

5. Recife

Recife is one of Brazil's true cultural capitals. The region is famed as a melting pot of indigenous, African and European cultures, which can be seen in its architecture, food and music. During your last-minute Brazil holidays, a walk around Recife's Old Town district is a must.

Which hotel to choose for your last-minute stay in Brazil

1.?Mama Shelter Rio 4* with Optional Paraty Extension

Booking the Mama Shelter Rio 4* with Optional Paraty Extension deal is the perfect way to experience all Rio de Janeiro offers during a last-minute Brazil holiday. You will love taking in stunning city views from the many terraces at the property. Adding the 2-night stay in Paraty is a great way to further enhance your travel experience.

2.?Private Tour of Brazil

The Private Tour of Brazil is the perfect last-minute experience if your goal is to journey across many of the country's top regions. Highlights of your journey include Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Iguazu Falls, among others. You can choose a seven or a 10-night private tour with plenty of time to take in the country's welcoming atmosphere, amazing architecture and stunning landscapes.

3.?Highlights of Brazil

The Highlights of Brazil travel deal is a popular option for travellers looking to book their perfect last-minute Brazil holiday experience. You will head to iconic spots like Rio de Janeiro, Tijuca National Park and Iguazu Falls. You will rest comfortably in a series of hand-selected hotels along the way.

4.?Private Discovery Tour of Brazil

The Private Discovery Tour of Brazil is a fantastic choice for travellers looking to visit iconic sights across this beloved South American country. Your journey includes taking time in Rio de Janeiro's party atmosphere and cultural hotspots such as Manaus. During your trip, you will stay at three hand-picked hotels offering the types of luxury amenities Voyage Privé members look for.

5.?Brazil Twin Centre 4*

The Brazil Twin Centre 4* is a great option for a last-minute Brazil getaway in a pair of great locations. During your journey, you will enjoy a two-night stay in Recife and Olinda that includes a full-day tour. You will also have plenty of time to soak up the sun on the beach in Porto de Galinhas when not out exploring these amazing destinations.

Practical information on last-minute travel to Brazil

UK passport holders can enter Brazil for the purpose of tourism without a visa. The local currency is the real, and the official language is Portuguese.

What is the weather like in Brazil?

Brazil experiences a variety of equatorial and tropical climates across its 8.516 square kilometres of territory.

What budget to plan

With a last-minute Brazil booking, a good rule of thumb is to include additional spending money as a part of your budgeting efforts. You want to make sure that you are adequately prepared for any additional costs that you run into.

How to get to Brazil

Non-stop and one-stop flights from the United Kingdom to Brazil are available daily out of the country's top travel hubs. Major arrival airports include São Paulo/Guarulhos International Airport and Brasília International Airport.

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