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Escape to paradise, with a luxury holiday in Khao Lak, Thailand.

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Enjoy a luxury holiday to Khao Lak, Thailand. Miles of stunning golden coastline, crystal clear waters, palm trees and delicious cuisine all await you on this paradise island. Book online today.

Escape to paradise in Khao Lak, Thailand

Khao Lak, Thailand is an ideal luxury holiday destination. It is located 80 kilometres and approximately one hour's drive outside of Phuket, to the north. The area is one of Thailand's most serene and peaceful resorts. The climate throughout the year is comfortable and welcoming for all, regardless of the season. There are three main climates in Khao Lak: The high season (24-32 degrees) is from November to March, and sun worshipers will enjoy the warmest weather between April and May (27-36 degrees). From June to October the weather cools down (20-30 degrees) during the low season. Temperatures like these are hard to resist! Regardless of when you visit, due to the resort's peaceful reputation you will experience a feeling of paradise, rest and relaxation. Locals are welcoming and always happy to help visitors find their way, or learn more about the island's unique culture.

Beautiful beaches and exciting water sports

Khao Lak is well known for its untouched beaches, which is ideal for beach lovers. The resort also features a variety of nightlife and evening entertainment, for both night owls and light evening entertainment seekers. Along the beach, bars, restaurants and markets can all be found. You will find plenty to see and do in Khao- Lak. With over 20 water sports centres you will be spoiled for choice over where to scuba dive or snorkel in water so clear you can see the bottom, filled with stunning sea life. Khao Lak is known as the main centre for water sport activities. For those looking for some thrill and excitement, mini golf, bamboo rafting and kayaking activities can be found.

Incredible cuisine for culture seekers

Thai food is one of the many reasons visitors flock to the island, and culture seekers can find a variety of cooking classes to enhance their knowledge and culinary skills in Thai cuisine. Thai food is well known and popular in the west, and in Khao Lak you will have an opportunity to taste and experience authentic Thai cooking. Nature enthusiasts will find National parks in Khao Lak, covering 125 sqm along the coast line. Khao Lak's national parks host an array of exotic plants and wildlife.

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