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Holidays to Ghana, the perfect gateway to Africa

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As the busy hub of the West Africa region, Ghana is home to a thriving international community but still holds dear to its rich cultural history and celebrates its vibrant heritage.

Enjoy the exquisite local cuisine

Ghana's rich culture is one that they've held on to throughout the centuries and this is reflected well in their food, with the skilful use of local crops featuring in most of their dishes. Especially if visiting the capital Accra, you can find a range of international restaurants, but there are also dozens of traditional dishes served across Ghana depending on which region you find yourself in.

Ghanaian food is largely based upon yam, maize, beans, cassava, plantain and rice, but what actually makes food in Ghana so delicious is the seasoning and preparation that goes into it. Street food and snacks are the best way to sample the local dishes in their purest form, being sure to leave you satisfied and fulfilled.

Relax on the tropical beaches throughout the year

The beaches of Ghana are famous and well suited to tourists any time of the year, due to its tropical climate. While you have to be mindful of the beach's specific conditions, such as whether you should be mindful of riptides or strong currents, and whether fishermen are active in the waters, there are dozens of excellent choices for beaches.

Beach resorts are also fantastic options for tourists and there are numerous choices close to the capital. You can book luxury accommodation at competitive rates through Voyage Prive and discover a beach holiday on the African coast in a breezy, tropical climate.

Explore the history of Ghanaian forts and castles all along the coast

Ghana has the highest concentration of colonial-era forts of any African country with the most famous being the fortresses at Cape Coast and Elmina. They were once major transhipment points for tens of thousands of slaves on their way to the New World, and now serve an important historic role in educating and informing visitors from nearby as well as from around the world. There are numerous smaller forts that can be visited also, though some are better maintained than others. Many still offer tours however and can be worth visiting, especially as Cape Coast and Elmina attract big crowds and are usually busy as a result.

With its secluded beaches combined with the numerous forts and castles of significant historic value, there really is something for everyone in Ghana. You can enjoy an affordable but comprehensive package trip with Voyage Prive, whether your dream trip involves luxury accommodation in the capital, sightseeing or lounging on a beach. With exceptional prices and exclusive discounts on offer, it's possible to make the most of your holiday to this lively West African nation.

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