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Best holiday destination in February

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The month of February is a fantastic time of year for various types of travel. It is ideally suited for getaways to popular ski resorts in breathtaking Alpine locations. February is also a great time to get away to a place where the weather is still warm. Breaks in the city or the countryside are also a rewarding option during this window. With these points in mind, the team of travel professionals at Voyage Privé present our top recommendations for the best holiday destinations in February. We have broken them down regionally to give you an idea of the best spots on each continent. You can find fabulous luxury accommodation options in each of these popular locations by searching our extensive catalogue. At the end of this article, you will find our top overall pick as well as some handpicked hotels for stays that are sure to meet your expectations.

Finding the best holiday destinations in February

To select the best holiday destinations in February, our travel experts at Voyage Privé recommend beginning by considering the type of location you want to stay in and the kind of travel group you will go with. Are you booking a family holiday, a group adventure, a solo outing or a romantic getaway? Do you want to stay on an island or a stunning mountain spot? Perhaps you have a city break in mind. You might prefer a destination in the countryside. When you explore our luxury hotel catalogue, you will surely find a luxurious stay in your preferred destination.

We want to note that it is also important to consider whether you want to visit a spot currently in its main tourist season, shoulder season or the off-season. These dates can vary significantly for destinations in different parts of the world. Understanding what part of the tourist calendar your preferred travel location is currently in is crucial to making your final decision. With these points made, we now present our list of recommendations for the best holiday destinations in February worldwide.

The best holiday destinations in February across Europe


Sardinia: Sardinia is a region of Italy that is ideally suited for February travel dates. The island experiences relatively mild winters, and many cultural festivals are held during these months. Visiting during the off-season is a great way to enjoy an authentic Sardinian experience away from the crowds of the high season. We recommend choosing accommodation in Cagliari. It is a unique city with plenty of fascinating neighbourhoods to discover that are lined with bars, restaurants and cafés. There are museums where you can also learn about the island's history. Discover a different side of Italy by booking a stay in one of the best holiday destinations in February.

York: Visiting historic York in February is a great move. The city is renowned as the most medieval in England, and its iconic city walls look spectacular in the winter. The area also plays host to the Jorvik Viking Festival during the month. If you are looking for a unique city break opportunity in February, York is a destination that can deliver impressively. It is home to one of the UK's finest spa hotels, which you can book through the Voyage Privé. We recommend planning a rejuvenating break focused on restorative treatments by skilled spa technicians. During your visit, be sure to visit popular attractions and points of interest like the National Railway Museum and York Minster.

Iceland: Head to one of the best holiday destinations in February when you book your luxury accommodation in Iceland. The weather during the month is milder than expected, and it is the perfect time to see the Northern Lights. The country's spectacular, snow-covered landscapes look mesmerising in February and offer plenty of opportunities to take unparalleled photos. You can even visit the famed Blue Lagoon in the winter. This iconic pool rarely ever closes. You can go ice-caving through the naturally formed tunnels beneath Vatnajokull Glacier to participate in a unique adventure. This is a surreal experience you will remember fondly for the rest of your life. Iceland's vibrant capital of Reykjavík is a treat in February as well. This is the perfect time to immerse yourself in the local culture.

The best holiday destinations in February across Africa


Seychelles: With a tropical, warm year-round climate, picturesque landscapes and idyllic beaches, the Seychelles are one of the best holiday destinations in February. You can expect hot, sunny weather during your visit, though there is also a high chance of rain this time of year. This can be a rewarding February destination if you are okay with the rain, heat, and humidity. Travellers who want to stay active during their holiday should consider exploring the awesome natural attractions across the archipelago, such as La Digue and Aride islands. You can also spend your getaway simply taking it easy by the beach and enjoying some well-deserved relaxation.

Mozambique: In terms of regions of Africa, Mozambique is one of the best holiday destinations in February. The month falls within the heart of the country's summer season. You can expect hot temperatures that can reach 35 degrees Celsius. Beach areas like Bazaruto and Ponta do Ouro are perfect for viewing nesting loggerhead and leatherback turtles. The coastal resort areas of Mozambique can be visited in February, though travellers should expect rain and high humidity. It is also an ideal time to travel to the Quirimbas Archipelago, where you can swim and snorkel.

Kenya: In Kenya, February represents the country's dry season. It is also the peak of tourism during the year. This is the most popular time for safari adventures as plenty of wildlife can be easily viewed. Climbing and hiking enthusiasts also flock to the country in February. Given the number of people visiting and the increased costs, we recommend booking your travel dates in advance through Voyage Privé. We offer a variety of safari tour deals that will take you across fantastic locations like the Masai Mara and Samburu National Reserves. Check out these offers today to learn why Kenya is one of the best holiday destinations in February.

The best holiday destinations in February across Asia


Singapore: February falls within the peak time of the year to visit Singapore. The country's dry season runs from February to April. It is the sunniest time of year as well as the least humid. You can look forward to pleasant weather during your visit, though you can also expect larger crowds. We recommend exploring this small country and soaking in the local culture during your visit. Eat like a local and try Singapore's legendary street food. The Singapore River area is the place to head for the best nightlife. If you are up for a walk, try the Southern Ridges trail. It stretches 10 kilometres and takes you across the country's tallest pedestrian bridge. A visit to the resort island of Sentosa is another must when you visit this incredible February travel destination.

Japan: When it comes to cold weather countries, Japan ranks as one of the best holiday destinations in February. It is known for its beautiful, snow-covered landscapes, hot springs and winter sports. Although it can be quite cold in major cities like Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, there are many indoor activities to enjoy. They include visiting museums, galleries, temples and theatres. It is also a great time to travel to Japan for culinary tourism. Must-try foods include yakitori, donburi, sushi, udon, ramen and miso soup. Steak lovers can delight their tastebuds when they sample Japan's iconic Wagyu beef. These are all compelling reasons to book one of our fantastic tour deals across Japan's most renowned regions today.

Cambodia: Cambodia is another one of the best holiday destinations in February that our travel team is excited to tell you about. You can expect ideal weather in this corner of Southeast Asia during this time of year. Because of this, the country's beach resorts start to fill up quickly. This means it is a good idea to book your hotel early. February is an excellent time for boat trips along Cambodia's Mekong Delta. Visiting iconic sites like Angkor Wat is also recommended. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is the largest religious monument in the world and dates to the 12th-century reign of King Suryavarman II. The remote islands of Cambodia are also a treat in February. Koh Rong is a party spot, while Koh Rong Samloem is renowned for its pristine sands.

The best holiday destinations in February across North America

Costa Rica

Costa Rica: February occupies the middle part of the dry season in Costa Rica. You can expect sunny skies, very little rain and pleasant overall weather conditions. This contributes to the country's status as one of the best holiday destinations in February. Regarding an itinerary for your time in Costa Rica, we recommend an exploration of the Nicoya Peninsula. It is home to lush rainforests and reserves. February is also one of the country's most popular times for surfing. This is particularly true along its Pacific coast, where the waves and surf are more consistent. If you head into the highlands region, you will encounter a string of volcanoes. Many of them are highly active. Beyond this, you want to reserve plenty of time to relax on Costa Rica's best beaches, such as Tamarindo Beach in Guanacaste, Samara Beach on the Nicoya Peninsula and Manzanillo Beach on the Southern Caribbean coast.

New Orleans: Known as the Big Easy, New Orleans ranks as one of the best holiday destinations in February within the North American continent. During this month, the city's iconic Mardi Gras festival takes place each year. With Valentine's Day falling in February, New Orleans is a great spot for a romantic getaway. While you are visiting the area, an exploration of the delicious local food culture is a must. New Orleans is known for both its Creole and Cajun cuisine. Recommended dishes to sample include po-boys, gumbo, red beans and rice, jambalaya and muffulettas. If you have the chance, try an authentic crawfish boil. Reserve some time to visit popular points of interest and attractions such as the French Quarter, the New Orleans Museum of Art, St Louis Cathedral, the National World War II Museum and Preservation Hall.

Alaska: For travellers seeking a true northern destination in North America, Alaska is one of the best holiday destinations in February. It is one of the best times to view the Northern Lights. This is also the peak time for skiing, snowmobiling and dog sledging. There are many interesting festivals across Alaska in February, like the Festival of Native Arts and the World Ice Art Championships. If you find yourself in the Anchorage area, you can take advantage of its extensive winter trail system that extends for more than 300 miles. There are guided hikes and snowshoe excursions you can avail yourself of as well.

The best holiday destinations in February across South America

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro: February is one of the most popular times to visit Brazil's Rio de Janeiro area. The world-renowned Carnival do Rio de Janeiro Festival takes place. This is one of the biggest parties put on anywhere in the world and a bucket list event for many travellers. You can look forward to warm, sunny weather suitable for hitting the beach in February. Must-visit attractions include the Christ the Redeemer statue, Ipanema Beach and Sugarloaf Mountain.

Chile: February falls within the middle of summer in Chile. The great weather the country experiences brings in visitors from across the globe. Santiago is a great place to start your exploration. It is known for popular attractions like the Plaza de Armas, La Moneda Palace and San Cristóbal Hill. The city is also a hub for nightlife and dining. An excursion into the Atacama Desert is a must for a journey into one of the most surreal spots found on Earth. It is the world's driest non-polar desert and features a landscape that looks like it is from a different planet. There are tour groups you can join for a unique experience that is sure to make an impression.

Patagonia: For an adventure across another destination with landscapes that defy description, a trip to Patagonia in February is a must. It is home to snow-capped mountains, forests, volcanoes, rivers and glaciers. The region itself is located in both Argentina and Chile. February is a great month for hiking and wildlife discovery. While in Patagonia, you can visit the world's southernmost city of Ushuaia. It is the perfect entry point for some of the region's most picturesque hiking trails. You can also book a boat tour to visit penguin colonies. The iconic lighthouse of the Strait of Magellan is one of the region's most recognisable landmarks. These factors make South America's Patagonia region one of the best holiday destinations in February.

The best holiday destinations in February across Australia


Sydney: February is an excellent month for travel to Sydney, Australia. The temperature averages around 20 to 26 degrees Celsius. This makes for the perfect conditions to explore the city's most iconic landmarks, such as the Sydney Opera House, Port Jackson Bay, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Taronga Zoo. Check out the Darling Square precinct if you want excellent dining and nightlife. It is home to some vibrant outdoor dining areas where you can enjoy a fabulous meal. The Central Business District is the location of many of the area's top clubs, pubs and bars, with plenty of entertainment options.

Melbourne: You can look forward to hot, sunny weather when you visit Melbourne in February. This places you in the heart of the city's summer season. It is a great time to explore the area's top attractions, culture and nightlife. This represents Melbourne's peak of travel season, so you can expect large crowds. Popular attractions around the city include Federation Square and the Royal Botanic Gardens. For a spectacular view of the city, check out the Melbourne Skydeck. It is located on the 88th floor of the Eureka Tower and extends out for 3 metres. You are certain to remember the bird's eye view of the surrounding area forever. For the city's hottest nightlife, head to King Street. It is home to some of the area's largest clubs, such as Inflation, Clique Lounge Bar and La Di Da.

Perth: You can expect temperatures ranging from 19 to 30 degrees Celsius when you visit Perth in February. Must-visit attractions include the Perth Mint, Kings Park and Botanic Garden, Elizabeth Quay and the RAC Arena. The city's nightlife hub is Northbridge. It features an excellent selection of restaurants and cafés. You will also find many of the city's top bars and nightclubs. Other popular entertainment areas in Perth include Subiaco, Mount Lawley and Leederville.

The best holiday destinations in February for couples


Paris: The weather in Paris can be quite chilly at times in February, but that does not mean that it does not affect its status as an amazing destination. The City of Lights enjoys a long-standing reputation as a playground for lovers, and this holds true for those who visit as a couple in the winter. As this is the off-season in this part of France, you and your significant other will have no problem finding a fabulous hotel. The more laid-back vibe found this time of year makes Paris an outstanding location for romantic holidays spent exploring the city's world-class dining, nightlife and entertainment.

Mallorca: As the largest of Spain's Balearic Islands, Mallorca is renowned as a popular destination for couples on holiday. During February, the island's weather begins to feel brighter, and temperatures become milder. We recommend a romantic walk along the famed walls of the Roman city of Pollentia. Nearby, you will find a well-preserved Roman theatre and the Pollentia ruins. Alfàbia Gardens are home to pools and watercourses and are perfect for a romantic stroll. For a surreal underworld experience, the Caves of Drach are a must-visit. They consist of 4 main chambers and one of the largest underground lakes in the world.

Venice: Venice is another one of the best holiday destinations in February and a fantastic option for couples. During the month, the renowned Carnival Festival is on. The annual event is characterised by the elaborate masks and costumes worn by attendees. Its history dates to 1162, when Venice achieved victory over the Patriarch of Aquileia. For a couple's holiday that you and your partner will remember fondly forever, you might take advantage of an Insight Tour. It is an easy way to experience all of the city's top sights with assistance from local experts.

The best holiday destinations in February for families

Menorca: Although it is not as sunny as in the summer months, February is still a fabulous time to visit Menorca with the whole family. Rainfall is relatively low during the month, and you and your loved ones can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities. Popular activities in February include a Jeep ride along the Camí de Cavalls and a traditional farm tour where you will learn the process behind making Mahón cheese. To take in some of the island's most spectacular outdoor scenery, visiting the Natural Park of S'Albufera d'Es Grau is a must. It spreads across 5,000 hectares and is home to ecosystems including rainforests, wetlands, beaches, cliffs and dunes.

Cephalonia: Cephalonia has a reputation as being one of the most family-friendly regions of the Greek islands. It is also one of the best holiday destinations in February for those looking to visit during what tends to be a quiet time in terms of the number of tourists. February represents an excellent time to visit this historic corner of Greece with your family for some serious sightseeing. It is important to note that the weather tends to be cool and damp this time of year, so it is important to pack accordingly. With that said, the slow pace of the island in February means that you and your loved ones can visit the most popular attractions without having to spend a lot of time waiting in a queue. This is a great time for history lovers to check out the region's spectacular locations. Must-visit points of interest on Cephalonia include the Mycenaean tombs at Tzanata, the Roman villa at Agia Efimia and St George's Castle.

The Isle of Wight: If you are looking for a unique, family-friendly destination in the UK to visit in February, the Isle of Wight is a fantastic option. It is the sunniest spot in the country and offers plenty of fun attractions and points of interest for all ages. They include Dinosaur Isle. It is a unique, interactive museum designed to look like a giant pterodactyl. It is home to around 30,000 fascinating specimens. Booking a fossil walk is highly recommended for families visiting the facility. History fans should visit the Brading Roman Villa while on the island. It is one of the finest ancient Roman sites found anywhere in the United Kingdom and offers a unique insight into life several thousand years ago. These are just a few factors that make the Isle of Wight one of the best holiday destinations in February.

What is the best holiday destination in February?

We have selected Costa Rica as our top pick among the best holiday destinations in February. The month falls within the heart of the country's peak season when the weather is hot and dry and the skies are clear. Whether your goal is to explore the stunning jungle landscapes of Costa Rica or you want to spend your time on the country's sun-soaked beaches, a fabulous time awaits. The Central American country is a great destination for families, couples, friends and solo adventurers. It features 2 unique coasts, each with their own distinct character. Costa Rica is also a haven for water sports and a country known for mouth-watering local cuisine. Must-try foods include ceviche, charreada (corn pancakes), gallo pinto (rice and beans), rondón (seafood and coconut stew) and picadillo (vegetable hash).

With these great reasons to visit Costa Rica, we recommend arranging your perfect luxury accommodation today. Our catalogue features fantastic offers for luxurious stays across the country's top areas. We have detailed our top 3 picks below. Our team looks forward to helping you achieve your goal of booking the best holiday destinations in February.

Handpicked hotel selection for February holidays in Costa Rica

1. Secrets Papagayo Costa Rica 5*

Secrets Papagayo Costa Rica 5*

The Secrets Papagayo Costa Rica 5* is a fabulous adults-only property on the Gulf of Papagayo, home to a luxurious spa and an array of other top amenities that help ensure you have a stay that is rewarding and memorable. This deal is based on an all-inclusive stay in a preferred club bungalow suite with an ocean view. The hotel's on-site amenities include 12 restaurants and bars, airport transfers, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, an outdoor swimming pool, a fitness centre and daytime/evening entertainment.

What we like: This hotel's fantastic lineup of on-site amenities perfectly complements its incredible location along the Gulf of Papagayo. The addition of an all-inclusive dining package adds to the appeal of choosing this property for a getaway to one of the best holiday destinations in February.

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2. Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Costa Rica 5*

Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Costa Rica 5*

The Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Costa Rica 5* is a fabulous property located in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica. It is a family-friendly luxury accommodation option that features lavish spa treatments, fantastic excursions and an all-inclusive dining package with breakfast, lunch, dinner and a selection of snacks and drinks. You will be comfortably accommodated in an ocean-view junior suite during your stay. The hotel's on-site amenities include a fitness centre, an outdoor swimming pool, 13 dining facilities, Wi-Fi and air conditioning. Rooms are furnished with bathrobes, a safe, a TV, a coffee machine and a balcony/terrace.

What we like: Your all-inclusive dining package features 24-hour access, refreshing drinks, craft cocktails and a mini-bar that is replenished daily. This deal pairs perfectly with the hotel's fabulous lineup of on-site dining and leisure facilities and its well-appointed guestrooms. It all adds up to an incredible option to stay in one of the best holiday destinations in February.

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3. Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica 5*

Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica 5*

Enjoy a magical getaway that is perfect for families, couples, singles and groups when you book the Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica 5*. It is located next to a palm tree-lined beach that is surrounded by lush green mountains. This deal is based on an all-inclusive stay in a preferred club tropical view junior suite. Your preferred club privileges include an upgraded mini-bar, a pillow menu, preferred status and amenities, personalised check-in and check-out and a special concierge service. On-site amenities include 15 dining facilities, a pair of swimming pools, a kids' pool, the Dreams Spa by Pevonia, local wildlife watching, a weekly beach party, theme nights and parties and big-screen movies.

What we like: We love the spectacular lineup of on-site amenities offered by this 5-star property located in the San Jose region of Costa Rica. A fabulous all-inclusive dining package and preferred club privileges add to the appeal of choosing this property for a stay in one of the best holiday destinations in February.

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