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  • Embarking on an unforgettable journey to Egypt, starting in Cairo and seeing many beautiful ancient Egyptian ruins before heading south for our Nile cruise.
  • Enjoying a beautiful stay in the capital city of Egypt at the beginning and at the end of our tour and experiencing the best of this fascinating country.
  • Heading off on a 3-night Nile cruise and seeing the many unique sights from the comfort of your cruise ship - straight out of a movie...

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Your Itinerary In Brief

Discover the magic of Egypt on a 7-night expedition that unfolds the country's rich tapestry of history and natural beauty. Your adventure commences in the bustling metropolis of Cairo, where ancient wonders and modern marvels coalesce. Embark on a 3-night Nile cruise, a journey that unveils the mystique of the legendary river. Explore ancient temples, picturesque villages, and legendary tombs as the Nile weaves its tales. The serene beauty of the Nile provides the perfect backdrop for moments of reflection and discovery. Return to Cairo for the final leg of your journey, where the iconic pyramids stand as silent witnesses to millennia of history. Immerse yourself in the vibrant markets and cultural richness that define this city.


Your itinerary: 

Day 1: 
Arrival in Cairo

Day 2: Cairo & The Pyramids of Giza & Sakkarah

Day 3: Cairo - Aswan & arrival on the Nile cruise (internal flight)

Day 4: Aswan - Kom Ombo

Day 5: Edfu - Esna - Luxor

Day 6: Luxor - Cairo (internal flight)

Day 7: Cairo

Day 8: Cairo - departure home


Included excursions and visits as per the program:



  • Marvel at the exterior of the Pyramids of Giza
  • Explore the ancient city of Memphis
  • Visit the renowned Pyramids of Sakkarah
  • Immerse yourself in the vibrant souks of Khan Al Khalili


Upper Egypt:

  • Discover three rotating tombs in the Valley of the Kings
  • Explore the grand Temple of Medinet Habu
  • Stand in awe before the colossal Colossi of Memnon
  • Visit the majestic Temple of Edfu
  • Explore the unique Temple of Kom Ombo
  • Enjoy a felucca ride and Botanical Garden experience
  • Conclude with a visit to the captivating Philae Temple


Please note: Visa fees and tips are to be paid in cash on arrival: €70 per person

Your Itinerary In Detail

Day 1 - 4

Day 1: Welcome to Cairo


Embark on your Cairo adventure with a seamless transfer to your hotel. As you settle in, immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of the Egyptian capital, sprawling majestically along the banks of the Nile.


Check in and unwind in the comfort of your hotel for an overnight stay.


Day 2: Cairo Exploration & Marvels of Giza and Sakkarah


Start your day with a delightful breakfast at the hotel, setting the tone for an extraordinary journey. Venture to the Giza plateau to witness the awe-inspiring pyramids – a testament to ancient ingenuity. The Pyramid of Khufu, a marvel dating back to 2650 BC, stands as the largest and most enduring wonder of the ancient world. Explore the equally majestic pyramids of Khephren and Mykerinos, each with its unique allure.


Next, encounter the enigmatic Sphinx, a mythical creature with the regal countenance of a pharaoh, guarding the tomb entrance against intruders.


Savor a delectable lunch in the vicinity of the pyramids, soaking in the historical ambiance.


The afternoon unfolds with visits to the historic sites of Memphis and Sakkarah. Once the capital of the Old Kingdom, Memphis, founded by King Menes circa 3000 BC, now lies nestled in a palm grove adorned with stelae and statues. Discover an enigmatic alabaster sphinx that adds a touch of mystery to this ancient locale. Meanwhile, the Sakkarah complex, built in honor of Pharaoh Djoser around 2700 BC by the legendary architect Imhotep, boasts the iconic step pyramid as its centerpiece.


Conclude your day with a delightful dinner and a restful overnight stay at your hotel in Cairo.



Day 3: Cairo to Aswan - Philae Temple and Felucca Adventure (Including Domestic Flight)


Begin your day with a delightful breakfast at the hotel before heading to the airport for a swift domestic flight to Aswan. Upon arrival, experience a seamless transfer from the airport to the port, where you'll board and settle into your comfortable cabin.


Embark on an enchanting journey with a visit to the Philae Temple, situated on an ancient island exclusively dedicated to the goddess Isis. Submerged by the waters, the temple found a new home on a neighboring island, just 400 meters away. Immerse yourself in the rich history and symbolism as you explore this sacred site.


Lunch will be served on board, setting the stage for a captivating mini-cruise on a felucca, the traditional sailboat synonymous with the Nile. Drift along the serene blue waters and discover the treasures of the river's left bank, including the Kitchener and Elephantine islands – true gems of the Nile. Allow the gentle breeze to guide you as you absorb the timeless beauty of the surroundings. Make a stop at Kitchener Island to explore its splendid botanical garden.


Before returning to the boat, take a moment to visit a papyrus institute, where you'll gain insights into the fascinating techniques involved in crafting this ancient material.


Conclude your day with a delightful dinner and an overnight stay aboard the boat, creating memories against the backdrop of the majestic Nile.


Day 4: Aswan to Kom Ombo - Unveiling Egypt's Treasures


In the early hours of the morning, seize the opportunity to explore the awe-inspiring Abu Simbel, a temple that stands as one of Egypt's most iconic landmarks. (Optional)


Indulge in a delectable lunch aboard your vessel, setting the stage for a captivating journey to the Aswan Small and High Dams. Witness the engineering marvels that regulate the Nile's flooding, capturing the essence of ancient pharaonic grandeur. Pause for a photo break against the backdrop of these colossal structures, with a breathtaking panorama unfolding over the vast expanse of Lake Nasser.


Continue your voyage to Kom Ombo, a temple nestled on a Nile promontory. This unique structure traces its origins back to the Greco-Roman era, boasting a distinctive fusion of two sanctuaries – one dedicated to Sobek and the other to Horus. Experience the essence of duality as you explore two entrances, parallel corridors, and symmetrically arranged rooms converging at the double sanctuary. Delve into the mystique of the chapel of Hathor, which houses an intriguing collection of crocodile mummies.


As the day unfolds, set sail for Edfu, where an evening of dinner and relaxation awaits you aboard the vessel. Allow the Nile to serenade you into a restful overnight stay, surrounded by the timeless wonders of Egypt.   

Day 5 - 8

Day 5: Edfu to Luxor - Unveiling Ancient Wonders


Begin your day with a delightful breakfast and lunch served on board as you set sail to Edfu. Upon reaching your destination, prepare to be enchanted by the magnificent Temple of Horus – a genuine architectural masterpiece and one of Ancient Egypt's remarkably well-preserved treasures.


Step into this sacred realm through the grand pylon, entering a courtyard adorned with walls that narrate the intricate tales of rituals performed by kings and gods alike. Witness the imposing black granite falcons, symbolic guardians representing the god Horus, standing sentry at the temple's entrance.


As the day transitions into night, savor a delectable dinner aboard your vessel, setting the stage for a serene sail to Luxor. Allow the gentle currents of the Nile to guide you through the timeless wonders of Egypt. Your overnight stay promises to be a tranquil and immersive experience, surrounded by the echoes of ancient stories and the magic of the Nile's embrace.


Day 6: Luxor to Cairo (Including Domestic Flight)


Awaken to a sumptuous breakfast served aboard your vessel before embarking on an exploration of the left bank of the Nile. Your journey unfolds in the historic city of Thebes, where the Valley of the Kings beckons with the tombs of revered pharaohs from the 18th to the 20th dynasties. Witness a shift from colossal monuments to intricately carved rock vaults, concealing the resting places of these ancient rulers with meticulous care.


Lunch will be a delightful affair on board.


Capture a moment in time with a photo break to immortalize the awe-inspiring Colossi of Memnon, colossal sandstone statues standing as enduring witnesses to the former glory of the temple of Amenophis III.


Continue your odyssey with a visit to the Temple of Ramses III at Medinet Habu, a marvel that stands testament to the grandeur of Ancient Egypt.


As the sun sets on your Luxor exploration, bid farewell to the city and transfer to the airport for a flight to Cairo. Upon arrival, you will be welcomed at the airport and transferred to your hotel. Enjoy a delicious dinner and unwind in comfort for the night.


Day 7: Cairo - Khan Al Khalili Extravaganza


Begin your day with a delightful breakfast at the hotel, followed by a lunch in Cairo. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the Souk of Khan El Khalili, a 14th-century bazaar adorned with a kaleidoscope of colors. Wander through its enchanting lanes, adorned with folkloric goods, a rich array of jewelry, and aromatic spices.


Opt for an optional visit to the Cairo Museum, a treasure trove of Egypt's rich historical legacy.


Day 8: Departure from Cairo


Conclude your memorable journey with a leisurely breakfast, followed by a seamless transfer to the airport according to your flight schedules. As you bid farewell to Cairo, cherish the memories of an enriching experience, marking the end of our dedicated services. Safe travels on your onward journey.

Your Hotels

Hand-Picked Just For You

Maximum room capacity

You will stay in the following hotel/on the cruise:


Cairo: Concorde El Salam 5* or Le Passage 5*.


Nile cruise: MS Pioneer I or II or MS Nile Marquise or Paradise or Champollion.

Your dining choices

You will enjoy the following board basis in the hotel/on the cruise :


Cairo: Full Board (except on day one when you arrive in Cairo).


Nile cruise: Full Board.

Your Optional Excursions

Abu Simbel Excursion

Your Optional Excursions

Embark on a delightful excursion to Abu Simbel for an enriching day of exploration and enjoyment.

Hot Air Ballon Flight

Your Optional Excursions

Prepare for an awe-inspiring adventure as you ascend into the skies on a hot-air balloon, exploring the legendary west bank of Luxor from the most enchanting vantage point. Marvel at iconic sites, including the Temple of Hatshepsut and the Colossi of Memnon, as these steadfast guardians of royal tombs unfold beneath you.


Flight Duration:

Distinguish between the time spent in the balloon, approximately 45 minutes, and the overall excursion duration, which may vary by a few minutes due to wind conditions. Immerse yourself in this unforgettable experience, and allow for a total adventure duration of 2 to 2.5 hours.

Sound & Light Karnak

Your Optional Excursions

Explore the grandeur of Karnak daily with an enthralling show that captivates for 1 hour and 15 minutes, contributing to an overall experience lasting approximately 2 hours.


  • Monday and Friday: Unveil the spectacle at 7:45 pm in winter and 8:15 pm in summer.
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday: Immerse yourself in the magic starting at 6:30 pm in winter and 7:00 pm in summer.

Sound & Light Philae

Your Optional Excursions

Embark on a captivating two-hour odyssey to Philae, where time unfolds in harmony with the ancient echoes of its mystique.


  • Mondays and Fridays: Immerse yourself in the enchantment at 7:45 pm during winter and 8:15 pm in summer.
  • Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays: Experience the magic come alive at 6:30 pm in winter and 7:00 pm in summer.

Sound & Light Pyramids

Your Optional Excursions

Delve into a journey spanning approximately 2 hours, where each day unfolds a symphony of exploration enhanced by seamless translation through headphones.

Your Journey to Egypt


You will be able to choose your airline and flight times when you make your booking. This flight may include one or more stopovers. The stopover may be technical (without a change of aircraft) or transit (with a change of aircraft).

Luggage information

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Your Destinations


Have you always dreamed of unlocking the secrets of the land of the Pharaohs?

From the marvellous pyramids of Giza to the legendary River Nile, via sumptuous Luxor and Cairo, Egypt will never cease to capture your imagination.

Let yourself be enchanted by the traces of civilisations that have left their mark here over the millennia. Walking in the footsteps of illustrious figures who have shaped the country's identity, such as the mythical Queen Cleopatra and Ramses II, you'll enjoy stepping back in time to experience an adventure unlike any other in the world. Exploring this land of contrasts and wonders will leave a lasting impression on your mind...

In more detail

Please find practical information about your trip:
This tour is not accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Pets are not permitted.
Our price doesn’t include any additional taxes, which may be payable locally. Also. Visa fees and tips are to be paid at €70 per person upon arrival.

Price includes:

  • 4-nights accommodation in a hotel in Cairo & 3-nights on board a Nile River Cruise
  • Full Board (except on day one)
  • Included internal flights as per the itinerary
  • Included excursions and visits as per the program with an English-speaking Egyptologist guide throughout the stay
  • Transfers and transport in a modern air-conditioned vehicle adapted to the size of the group
  • Complimentary evening events on board the boat
  • Included assistance from our local representatives at airports and ports


Price doesn't include:

  • Visas on arrival
  • Tips and personal expenses
  • Any optional visits
  • Anything not mentioned in 'price includes'

If booking as a single traveller, room occupancy and configuration are not guaranteed. You may be placed in either a single, double or twin room, based on the availability of the property at the time. 

The location shown on our map is to be used as a guide only and the actual location of the property may differ.

Your contact details may be passed on to the hotel so that they can make contact with you to discuss your booking in advance of your arrival.

You may be asked to provide a credit/debit card deposit on arrival to cover any purchases made in the hotel.

Although we endeavour to provide up-to-date information, we cannot guarantee that all hotel facilities and services will be available during your stay, especially when travelling out of the main holiday periods.

Star rating standards may differ to that of the UK, depending on the country of travel.


Travel with peace of mind


To ensure a peaceful holiday, our partners are committed to respecting the local health and sanitary measures in force to protect your safety and well-being.


Please note: health and sanitary measures may be subject to change in line with government recommendations. Consequently, they may affect access to certain amenities and leisure facilities.

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