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St Lucia Holiday Package - All-Inclusive Tour

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St Lucia Holiday Package : All Inclusive, Package Holidays, Flight+Hotel, Luxury Hotel, Resort & Spa, Adult Only... Check our Deals up to 70% OFF !

Why discover St Lucia with a holiday package?

Besides its perfect warm weather throughout the year, St Lucia is also the meeting point for the warm Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, making it a great travel destination. Voyage Privé offers all-inclusive St Lucia holiday packages to make the trip more valuable, meaningful and convenient. Our goal is to ensure that you enjoy the best accommodation and visit all the incredible St Lucia attractions easily and conveniently while staying at handpicked luxurious hotels. Take a look at the handpicked travel packages below.

The different types of holidays and tours offered by Voyage Privé

Voyage Privé's all-inclusive holiday packages consist of a range of activities. You can choose from beach life, opulent cruises, culture, self-driving tours, relaxing at countryside retreats and spas and more.

All-inclusive Caribbean Cruises

Is there a better way to explore the Caribbean with your loved one than by cruising around? Besides creating magical moments, these cruises offer great opportunities to make new friends and experience new cultures and cuisines. What's more, Voyage Privé members enjoy incredible discounts of up to 70% for these packages. We partner with highly reputable cruise lines to give you the best cruise experience in St Lucia and around the Caribbean.

A Luxurious Escape to the Caribbean

This package is an excellent way to experience the white sandy beaches, turquoise seas and palm trees of the Caribbean first-hand while enjoying the delicious seafood and great wine. This package isn't exclusively meant for St Lucia, but with the cruises, you can extend your adventures into the beautiful Bahamas, Barbados and Antiqua.

All-inclusive Caribbean Holidays

Experience the best of the Caribbean with an all-inclusive trip to this tropical paradise, which is a magical way to relax and unwind. Besides, you will also enjoy the region's vibrance, and unique, laid-back culture. Enjoy amazing food, beautiful beaches and sunshine during this trip.

Cruises Caribbean

This all-inclusive cruise allows you to explore more of St Lucia and the Caribbean than you would if you stayed in a single resort. Experience the lovely and laid-back vibe on board and chill out on pristine Caribbean beaches while enjoying delicious, fresh cuisine. With this package, you will get to explore crystal blue waters and white sandy beaches, green rolling hills, rich culture and history.

Holidays to St Lucia

Known for its sun-kissed beaches, attractive waterfalls, green rolling hills and mountains, St Lucia is one of the best islands to visit in the Caribbean. If you love hiking, you can take it further by enjoying the amazing wildlife on the Pitons. All these attractions combined with the rich heritage of the island and the unique cuisine make an incredible experience.

Practical advice for planning your trip to St Lucia

When to travel to St Lucia

St Lucia's perfect weather is an attraction in itself. The ideal time to visit the island for outdoor activities is between May and June – late spring and early summer. Besides, most hotels offer some enviable discounts during this period. If you love music, early May would be a great time to catch the St Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival. The island also has some exciting activities in the summer and late fall, but hurricanes are a threat during these times.

Administrative formalities before going to St Lucia

St Lucia allows UK passport holders to visit without needing to apply for a visa beforehand. It is worth checking on the latest requirements before travelling, with regard to entry requirements, to ensure a smooth holiday.

How to get around in St Lucia

Minibuses are the primary mode of transport among St Lucia locals. Other available options include taxis, water taxis and rideshares.

What is the time difference?

The UK is 4 hours ahead of St Lucia, so jetlag is minimal.

What is the official language?

English is the official language in St Lucia, making it a great destination for any English-speaking tourist.

High-quality services at the best price for your package holidays in St Lucia

All-inclusive Voyage Privé holiday packages offer high-quality services and amenities due to partnering with high-end hotels. With an all-inclusive package, you will enjoy room upgrades, amazing scenery, exciting cruises, spas and fantastic beaches.

Voyage Privé's hot deals for St Lucia holiday packages

St Lucia is a dream destination for nature and culture lovers. Therefore, if you choose the right Voyage Privé all-inclusive holiday package, you will be able to enjoy great value and explore the island in the least stressful way possible. Peruse the current members-only deals to ascertain the most suitable holiday for your needs.

Five places to see on your trip to St Lucia

1. The Piton Mountains

The Piton Mountains are a World Heritage Site and are among the most popular natural wonders in the West Indies. A tour to the mountains is a perfect chance to hike and enjoy the most spectacular views in one go.

2. Sulphur Springs

This attraction is an active geothermal zone that allows you a first-hand experience of the bubbling mud pools and vents that produce sulfurous steam.

3. Culinary tours

Cocoa farming is one of the ancient activities in St Lucia. You will learn more about cocoa farming and chocolate making here; a fascinating way to learn about how this delicious snack is made.

4. Tet Paul Nature Trail

The Tet Paul Nature Train is one of the best experiences in St Lucia. It is a smooth 45-minute guided walk where you enjoy incredible views of Jalousie Bay, the Pitons and the nearby St Vincent and Martinique. The trail also provides an insight into the Amerindian culture.

5. Helicopter tours

Being a mountainous island, helicopter tours would be the best way to enjoy the delightful vistas of St Lucia. You can choose between one short trip to the north/south or combine both into one.

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