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Holidays from Edinburgh

Luxurious holidays from Edinburgh with up to 70% off - only for members of our exclusive travel club. Join today.

Make the world a smaller place

If you've ever dreamed of exploring new lands, tasting new cuisines and being surrounded by new cultures, now is your chance. With hand-picked luxury travel deals for destinations all over the world, holidays from Edinburgh are rife with possibilities. Will you head West to explore all things stateside, or will your urge to explore draw you East towards Asia? With travel deals for destinations all over the world with exceptionally low prices, there are almost no limits to your choice of holiday.

Where to travel from Edinburgh

As a major international airport, Edinburgh offers travel plenty of destinations all over the world, including beautiful Venice, the city of love, Paris, and the stunning island of Rhodes. It also offers plenty of regular flights to cities within the UK if you fancy a trip closer to home - who doesn't love a weekend away in London to see the sights and catch a show? Don't forget though that onward flights can extend your holiday choices even more - holidays from Edinburgh truly are limitless. The question is, where do you want to go?

Are you a beach bum or culture vulture?

When choosing between our holidays from Edinburgh, keep in mind the type of traveller that you are. Do you love to laze around by the pool with a gripping book and plenty of delicious cocktails? If so, you may be best suited to a tropical trip to somewhere like the Bahamas, where the sun never seems to stop shining and the waters are bluer than any that you've ever seen before. If sitting on the beach all day sounds less than idyllic and you love to spend your travels exploring new places, then you're better suited to a sightseeing trip. Somewhere like Rome would be perfect for you, as there are plenty of ruins to explore and so much history to soak in. Here, we bring together a wide variety of trips to suit every type of traveller, so no matter if you're a beach bum or culture vulture, we can offer you an incredibly luxurious travel package for up to 70% less. Now that's something that everyone can get on board with.

Finding a luxury hotel for your trip

One of the trickiest parts of planning a holiday is searching for a hotel that suits your needs in terms of location as well as ticking all the boxes when it comes to décor, services and facilities. Since all of the hotels in our collection are hand-picked by us, you can rest assured you'll get exceptional quality every time. None of the hotels in our packages are less than 4 stars, and every single one has been chosen with luxury travel in mind - so let us take the hard work out of searching for a hotel for you. Join now for access to complete luxury package holidays from Edinburgh.

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