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Canal boat holidays

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The 5 Best Canal Boat Holidays

When travelling, it's important to go out of your comfort zone to learn new things about other cultures and partake in truly unforgettable experiences. If you want to partake in a truly unique travel activity, you should definitely look into taking a canal boat holiday. Whether you want to stay for multiple days on a boat or simply take a day trip, a canal boat holiday is the best way to immerse yourself in a particularly beautiful type of travel.

1. South Vietnam River Cruise and Beach Stay

If you want to see all that Vietnam has to offer, you must check out this holiday package. With a 2-night cruise down the Mekong River in a comfy boat, you'll be able to see a side of Vietnam that is usually not available to tourists. Once your boat ride is over, you will be brought to the beach town of Ho Tram to have a few days of beachside relaxation.

2. Rhine River Cruise

There are many different ways to cruise along the Rhine River, but this is definitely the most picturesque route. If you want to travel through the Rhine River and see a good chunk of what Germany has to offer, you should go on this canal boat holiday. With an itinerary that begins in Frankfurt and ends in Amsterdam, this Rhine River Cruise allows you to see Germany as you've never seen it before. Those wanting to experience a mixture of rural and metropolitan areas will enjoy this cruise, as there are a variety of guided on-land tours included with your stay. Another benefit to this cruise is that it begins and ends at airports, allowing you to construct your trip around the cruise itself.

3. Cruise on the Canal Du Midi

Those looking for a canal boat that is truly customisable should check out the Cruise on the Canal Du Midi. One of the most unique things about this vacation offer is that you can choose between two different routes that involve crossing either 37 or 40 locks. To get the most out of your canal boat holiday, we recommend beginning your journey in Argens and seeing Somail or Trèbes before going to Carcassonne. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Carcassonne is one of the most important medieval cities currently standing in Europe and a must-see.

During your journey, you will stay on a Flying Bridge 1020 or a Flying Bridget 1180FB, two boats that are just as sleek as they are beautiful. Each boat also contains amenities such as a communal area and a sun deck, allowing you to socialize in the sun. The inclusion of hot water on the boat also makes it stand out among other river cruises, meaning that you can shower throughout your journey.

4. Avalon River Cruise

If you want to have a canal boat holiday in which you sleep on a boat, you should definitely consider the Avalon River Cruise. Centred around the Rhine River, this canal boat takes you from Amsterdam to Germany in what is sure to be a memorable experience. The Rhine River contains a lot of history, so be prepared to learn a lot about the region and how it has been transformed over the past 300 years. The Avalon River Cruise also provides some guided excursion tours so you can get off the boat and explore the surrounding landscape.

5. Canal Central Hotel Business Bay 5* & Dubai City, Cruise & Desert Excursions

The important thing to understand about this canal boat holiday is that it is part of a larger hotel package. By staying at the Canal Central Hotel Business Bay, you have access to the resort's amenities, including the opportunity to take cruise excursions. The most impressive part about this resort is that there are a wide variety of canal boat experiences to choose from. That being said, the dinner cruise is by far the most mesmerising, allowing you to enjoy delicious, traditional food while seeing the sunset bounce off of the Dubai Creek.

The Voyage Privé travel expert's opinion on canal boat holidays

The trick to having a canal boat holiday is balancing the following three criteria: budget, location and boat size. On top of this, choosing a destination that has a good amount of activities to do and sights to see can help make your trip as engaging and memorable as possible. Whether you want to cruise along the Rhine, learn about the history of Vietnam or see the natural beauty of the Canal Du Midi, Voyage Privé has got you covered. No matter which vacation package you choose, your canal boat holiday is sure to be an unforgettable experience!

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