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4 Day breaks in the Sun

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Southern Europe is a truly amazing region to head to for a four-day break in the sun. The area is known for its warm and inviting Mediterranean climate. A host of vibrant cultures can be found in the various countries across Southern Europe. This part of the world is steeped in history and known for amazing food and music. Greece, Italy, Malta and Spain are among the most notable regions found in Southern Europe and they all have a lot to offer if you are looking for a 4-day sun break.

The top 5 things to see/do in Southern Europe

1. Step back in time by visiting Knossos


The palace at Knossos is the most popular and fascinating ancient site on the island of Crete and a must-visit during a 4-day sun getaway to the Greek island's northern coast. You will step back in time to the world of the enigmatic Minoan civilization while viewing stunning architecture and beautiful frescoes created by ancient artisans.

2. Explore Calle del Castillo in Santa Cruz


Calle del Castillo is the most popular pedestrian street found in the Tenerife community of Santa Cruz. Exploring the area is a great way to spend time during a 4-day break in the sun of Southern Europe. The region is known for its unique shops, delectable dining options and friendly locals.

3. Try Authentic Neapolitan Pizza


Naples is a city with a rich history that extends back to its founding in 600 B.C. by Greek settlers. Among the many things that the city is famous for is its status as the birthplace of pizza. Any trip to this famous Italian city should include a sampling of its iconic Neapolitan pizza.

4. Alcázar Palace


Alcázar Palace is one of the most iconic attractions in Seville, Spain and a great place to visit during your 4-day break in the sun of Southern Europe. This unique UNESCO World Heritage Site incorporates the various historical eras of the city in one incredible location.

5. Enjoy Fine Dining in the Portomaso Marina Area of St. Julian's Bay

The Portomaso Marina Area of St. Julian's Bay is one of the top areas in Malta where you can enjoy an incredible fine dining experience. You will have an impressive selection of excellent restaurants and bars to choose from while taking in stunning views of St. Julian's Bay.

Our best hotels in Southern Europe

1. Creta Blue Luxury Collection 4*


The Creta Blue Luxury Collection 4* is located in the Cretan city of Heraklion, which is close to the iconic ruins of the ancient Minoan palace at Knossos. This adults-only accommodation is the perfect spot for a 4-day sun break in Southern Europe. You will enjoy stunning sea views as well as amenities that include the Cliff Pool Bar.

2. Iberostar Selection Sábila 5*

The Iberostar Selection Sábila 5* is the perfect luxury accommodation for enjoying a 4-day sun break in the Tenerife community of Santa Cruz. The hotel provides spacious rooms, a food market with stalls serving fresh, international cuisine and on-site swimming pools.

3. Royal Continental 4*


The Royal Continental 4* is the perfect spot to enjoy 4 days of fun in the sun in Naples, Italy. It benefits from a view of the Castello Dell'Ovo and is the perfect spot for you to explore this ancient city from. Key amenities include the open-air bar and the on-site swimming pool.

4. H10 Casa de la Plata 4*


The H10 Casa de la Plata 4* is conveniently located in Seville's historic city centre and near all of the major tourist attractions. Notable amenities of this luxury accommodation include its Lobby Bar and delicious meals served up at Magallanes Restaurant.

5. InterContinental Malta 5*

The InterContinental Malta 5* Is the perfect luxury accommodation for a stay in Malta's St. George's Bay area. It features a heated indoor pool and a lagoon-style outdoor pool. The Skybeach rooftop lounge is the perfect spot to take in stunning views of the sea as well as the town.

When is the best time to go on holiday in Southern Europe?

Southern Europe is an incredible region of the world to visit on a year-round basis but many consider the time between March and May to be ideal. During these months, the weather is warm but has not yet reached the peak of the summer heat. This is also just before the peak summer tourist season before it gets the most crowded.

Going on holiday in Southern Europe

Getting to the Southern European destinations recommended here for a 4-day sun break is easy from all major airports in the UK. Travel time varies depending on where you are heading in Southern Europe and averages anywhere from 2 and a half hours to 4 and a half hours for direct flights. Once you arrive at your destination, you will find that there are plenty of transport options that range from buses and trains to taxi services and car hire opportunities.

Enjoy your holiday in Southern Europe

There is something about a 4-day break in the sun of Southern Europe that simply makes you feel rejuvenated. It is the perfect location for a romantic getaway with your partner and also makes a great solo or group travel destination.

The Voyage Privé travel expert’s opinion on Southern Europe

Each of the destinations that we have recommended for a 4-day break in the sun of Southern Europe has its own unique features, stunning landscapes, warm and inviting weather, amazing dining and fun, engaging nightlife. You will love spending time immersing yourself in a unique cultural experience whether you choose to visit Crete, Tenerife, Naples, Seville or Malta. You simply cannot go wrong when you enjoy a 4-day sun break with a booking through Voyage Privé.


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