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  • Discover the cultural and historical treasures of Poland, or the Imperial cities of Russia this summer.
  • Choose from a two fantastic itineraries with guided tours, and plenty of free time too.
  • We've included accommodation at 4* and 5* hotels throughout, so you can be assured of comfort and luxury after each day's adventures.

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Offer One: Discover the Treasures of Poland in 8 nights
- Accommodation in 4* & 5* hotels with breakfast (2 nights in Warsaw, 2 nights in Gdansk, 1 night in Poznan, 1 night in Wroclaw, 2 nights in  Krakow)
- Tours with local guides in English, French and Spanish in the cities of Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk,  Wroclaw, Poznan and Torun
- Guided tours including admission to the Auschwitz concentration camp and Malbork medieval castle
- Coach transfers for the whole tour (as scheduled)
- Airport/hotel/airport transfers

Offer Two: Discover Imperial Russia in 7 nights
- 5* hotel accommodation with breakfast, 6 lunches and 1 dinner included (4 nights in Moscow, 3 nights in St. Petersburg)
- Guided tours provided by local guides in English, French as Spanish around Moscow and St. Petersburg (entrances included in Moscow: Red Square, St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow metro, the  Kremlin, Izmailovo Kremlin wooden complex in Moscow / entrances included in St. Petersburg: Peter and Paul Fortress, the Cathedral of St. Isaac, the  Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood and the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg)
- Coach transfers during visits and excursions
- Internal transfer from St. Petersburg to Moscow in high‐speed train
- Airport/hotel/airport transfers in Moscow and St. Petersburg. 
- Preparation of Invitation Letter document for visa application

Please note:
Russia Trip requires a valid passport for at least 6 months from the visa expiry date (i.e. the day of departure back to UK).

Your Destinations

Warsaw, the largest city in Poland (and its capital), is known as the city of palaces, royal gardens and grand parks. Popula tourist attractions include Chopin's Monument, the Royal Summer Residence and The Tomb of The Unknown Soldier.

The Old Town with the Royal Castle and the Market Square with their welcoming outdoor terraces, are top spots to sit back with a Polish beer (try a refreshing Zywiec).
Rich in cultural and architectural relics, the city of Gdansk is a treasure trove of grand Gothic architecture, pretty cobbled streets and a complex and varied history.

Eat al fresco at a waterside café, visit one of the world's oldest brick churches and pick up some beautiful handmade amber jewellery - the trademark precious stone of the city.
If you believe the legends, Kraków was founded on the defeat of a dragon, and it’s true a mythical atmosphere permeates its attractive streets and squares.  But even for those who don't, Krakow is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It is a cultural capital of Poland, with long and rich history, unique architecture and countless monuments, museums, art galleries and other places worth visiting.

Kraków’s postcard-perfect Old Town features Europe’s largest medieval market square and even a fairy-tale castle overlooking the river.
Often described as the Venice of the North, St Petersburg is a city defined by water. The mighty Neva River empties into the Gulf of Finland near the Fortress of Peter & Paul – the final resting place of the Tsars – and canals snake through the backstreets, passing stately townhouses. Explore this enchanting city and discover the many hidden treasures!

The centuries have been kind to the former capital of the Russian Empire – St Petersburg looks as grand today as when Peter the Great laid the foundation stones in 1703. From his cabin on Petrogradskaya Storona, the Russian emperor invited Europe's leading architects to fill the streets with extravagant palaces and elegant Baroque cathedrals. Today, the historic centre is preserved as a UNESCO World Heritage site, along with the grand palaces of the Romanovs at Peterhof, Pushkin and Pavlovsk.
Moscow is an enigmatic city with a rich history and vibrant culture. Politics, science, history, architecture, and business all meet here in this Russian capital, bursting with life. In this fascinating city, the ancient and the modern exist side by side. 

In addition to the famous sites of the Red Square, the Kremlin, and the imposing nine domes of St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow boasts an emerging art and music scene, and plenty of galleries and cafes, full of Moscow's cultured crowd. 

The dining scene is equally vivacious , with everything from elegant haute cuisine to family friendly establishments.

Poland Itinerary

Day 1: Warsaw   
On arrival at the Warsaw airport, transfer to the hotel for checkin. As a first encounter with the city, we will stroll through the Old Town of Warsaw, a city that  suffered the ravages of World War II more than any other in Europe and through the efforts  and spirit of its inhabitants rose from its ashes like a phoenix.    We will have free time to stroll around the city. In the summer Warsaw transforms itself into a  vibrant and lively city.

With the good weather, the Poles take to the streets and the terraces  are crowded throughout the day and until the wee hours of the morning. We can even relax in  the “beach” bars on the riverbanks.   

Accommodation at Warsaw hotel.   

Day 2:Warsaw   
Breakfast included at the hotel.

Today we will visit Warsaw, capital of Poland since 1595. It was completely destroyed during  World War II and almost completely rebuilt following the original plans. Today it is an  impressive city where history and modernity overlap. Accompanied by a local guide, we will  begin the day with a full sightseeing tour of the Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We will walk through what was once the Jewish ghetto—which occupied much of the city and other points of interest.   

In the afternoon, we will have free time to enjoy the many interesting sites that Warsaw has  to offer. The Uprising Museum, for example, is very important to the local population, since it  explains in detail the resistance of the Polish people against the Nazi invasion who retaliated  by completely destroying the city. The Museum of Jewish History was opened recently. And  the Palace of Culture and Science, the tallest building in Warsaw and one of the tallest in  Poland is loved and hated equally by the Poles because it was a gift from Stalin. The views of  the city from this vantage point are spectacular. 

We may also cross the river and discover the only area of the city that was not destroyed by  the Nazis and is today the most “alternative” district full of art galleries, interesting museums  and charming cafés and terraces.   

To end the day, we can take advantage and discover the night side of the city. There are  terraces, restaurants and pubs for every taste.    

Accommodation at Warsaw hotel.   

Day 3 : Warsaw ‐ Malbork ‐ Gdansk   
Breakfast included at the hotel.  

We will drive to the largest medieval castle in Europe, Malbork Castle, a UNESCO World  Heritage Site. Surrounded by sturdy walls with towers and gates, it was the former base for  the Teutonic Order. Its Grand Master palace is the epitome of late Gothic architecture, while  its summer refectory stands out for its beauty.    

In the afternoon we will arrive at Gdansk, the country's largest port city. We will do a  sightseeing tour of its Old Town, which stands out for its multitude of bourgeois, religious,  military and port architecture structures, a legacy of ten centuries of fascinating culture and  turbulent history, where the Solidarity Party was born and the beginning of the end for  communism in Europe.   

At night we will have time for dinner and to enjoy the city’s vibe.   

Accommodation at the Gdansk hotel.   

Day 4 ‐ Gdansk ‐ Sopot ‐ Gdansk    Breakfast included at the hotel.    
We will start the day heading towards the city of Sopot, the summer resort city for upper‐classfamous Polish actors, politicians and journalists, among others. It is famous for its spas and  luxury hotels. One of its peculiarities is the largest wooden pier in Europe from where you can  enjoy a sightseeing tour of the Bay of Gdansk.    

Free afternoon in Gdansk to relax strolling along its historic streets and shopping. The city is  definitely the best place to buy amber, also known as Baltic gold. Or just sit back and enjoy a  slice of apple or cheese pie, the country’s favourite pastries, in one of its lively terraces.   

Accommodation at the Gdansk hotel.     

Day 5 : Gdansk ‐ Torun ‐ Poznan   
Breakfast included at the hotel.  

We head to the historic medieval city of Torun, birthplace of Copernicus. Top things to visit  include the birthplace of the famous astronomer, its impressive thirteenth century Town Hall  (World Heritage), its Old City, the Cathedral of Saint John and the Church of St. James. And  don’t miss out on its famous gingerbread cookies!    

At noon we will arrive in Poznan, where we will take a sightseeing tour of the city and can  begin to discover its charms: the Royal Castle, the City Hall, the Market Square, Church of St.  Stanislaus, the Jesuit College and the Franciscan Church, among others.   

At night we will enjoy free time for dinner and to enjoy the historic centre, its decorated Town  Hall Square and some of its busy terraces.   

Accommodation at the Poznan hotel.     

Day 6 : Poznan ‐ Wroclaw   
Breakfast included at the hotel.    

We then move on to Wroclaw, the capital of Lower Silesia and one of the oldest and most  beautiful cities in Poland. We will enjoy a complete sightseeing tour of the city to discover the  unique architecture of the old town, especially its monumental Market Square, the imposing  Gothic cathedral and the University’s Baroque building.    

In the afternoon we will have free time in the city to enjoy its atmosphere, its charming  streets, its beautiful gardens and exuberant nightlife.    

Accommodation at the Wroclaw hotel.
Day 7 : Wroclaw ‐ Auschwitz ‐ Krakow 
Breakfast included at the hotel.    
Today we head towards Oswiecim for a guided tour of the Auschwitz concentration camp.  Accompanied by a local guide, we will explore the old barracks—now converted into a  museum—which was the largest concentration camp in Nazi Germany and one of the most  symbolic Holocaust sites.   

We will arrive in Krakow in the afternoon. Poland’s old capital is today its most popular tourist  destination. Known for its imposing medieval and Renaissance architecture and its relevance  in Polish history, it is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.    

We will enjoy some free time. We suggest enjoying the Jewish Quarter at night, with its  squares, gardens, and dinner accompanied by good live music.   

Accommodation at the Krakow hotel.   

Day 8 : Krakow ‐ Optional Wieliczka Salt Mine   
Breakfast included at the hotel.    
Accompanied by a local guide, we will tour the Jewish quarter. We will see remains of the  original wall from one of the largest ghettos in Poland which Roman Polanski survived as a  boy. We will discover the heart of Krakow through a comprehensive tour of the Old Town,  declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 

Optionally we can visit the spectacular Wieliczka Salt Mine, a real underground treasure  housing a small city carved in salt. It is considered one of the 12 most valuable historical and  artistic monuments in the world. Accommodation at the Krakow hotel.   

Day 9: Krakow   
Breakfast included at the hotel.  

If the flight schedule permits, free time to visit Krakow’s main tourist and cultural spots for the last time.   Transfer to the Krakow airport to catch the flight back home.

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Russia Itinerary

Day 1 : St. Petersburg
On arrival at the St. Petersburg airport, transfer to the hotel for checkin.  Once at the hotel, we can relax before the sightseeing tour.  

We will spend our first afternoon in Russia enjoying a sightseeing tour of this wonderful city founded by Peter the  Great. During our tour we will admire the monument to Catherine II the Great in the Ostrovsky Courtyard gardens,  the Kazan Cathedral,  the most important cathedral in St. Petersburg and the Winter Palace courtyard which was the  scene of Bloody Sunday and October revolution events. We will stroll through the Nevski Avenue, the main and most  important street in Russia's cultural capital, boasting a myriad contrasts, museums, historic buildings, shops and cafés.  It is considered one of the most historic streets in Eastern Europe. 

We will visit the Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood, one of the most important churches in the city, and the Saint  Isaac's Cathedral, one of the largest in Europe. Its decoration feature some 43 types of minerals in addition to 400  artworks including sculptures, paintings and mosaics. About 100 kilos of gold were used to gild the dome. 

Dinner (included) and accommodation at hotel in St. Petersburg.

Day 2 : St. Petersburg
Breakfast is included at the hotel.   In the morning we will go to the Zayachy Island to visit the Peter and Paul Fortress. This complex houses the cathedral  of the same name, the city’s oldest. Its majestic columns, glass chandeliers and painted decoration creates a  magnificent scenery that houses the remains of most emperors, including Peter the Great and Nicholas II and his  family.  Lunch at a local restaurant (included).  

Free time in the afternoon. Whoever wishes to may visit the incredible Peterhof Park and Palace (optional)  located 30 km from St. Petersburg on the Gulf of Finland. The palace is often called the  "Russian Versailles" for its  grandeur and beauty, thanks to its wonderful palaces, pavilions and splendid French‐style gardens. 

Accommodation at St. Petersburg hotel. 

Day 3: St. Petersburg
Breakfast is included at the hotel.  In the morning we will enjoy some free time to stroll around the city at our own pace or explore more in-depth at  some of its many museums.  We may also tour the Catherine Palace in Pushkin located 24 km from St. Petersburg. Built in the eighteenth century,  it was the summer residence of Russian tsars and still preserves elements from that era.  Lunch at a local restaurant (included).  

In the afternoon we will explore the world‐famous HermitageMuseum, one of the largest and most complete art  galleries in the world. With more than 4,000 rooms, the collection ranges from Roman and Greek antiquities to  paintings and sculptures from Western Europe, Eastern art and archaeological artefacts. At the end of the tour, we  will have time to continue exploring the Hermitage Museum on our own. 
Accommodation at St. Petersburg hotel.
Day 4: St. Petersburg ‐ Moscow 
Breakfast is included at the hotel.  

In the morning we will enjoy free time in the city to stroll through its streets, shop for souvenirs or expand our  knowledge in the many museums of St. Petersburg.  Lunch at a local restaurant (included).   After lunch, transfer to the St. Petersburg station and trip in high‐speed train to Moscow.

Our guide awaits us upon  arrival. Transfer to Moscow hotel.  

Accommodation at Moscow hotel.   

Day 5: Moscow 
Breakfast included at the hotel.  

We will spend the morning enjoying a complete sightseeing tour of Moscow, a city of magnificent palaces and  cathedrals and stately mansions and municipal buildings. Our journey that will take us to the famous Red Square, the  city’s most emblematic landmark and scene of major historical events. After touring the square, we will enjoy the  spectacular buildings around it such as the GUM Department Store (Glavny Universalny Magazin), the History  Museum and the Lenin Mausoleum. We will visit the interior of St. Basil’s Cathedral built at the order of Czar Ivan  “the Terrible” and world‐renowned for its bulbous and multi‐coloured domes. We will also see (from the outside) the  Bolshoi Theatre, Pushkin Square, the Tverskaya Avenue and other landmark buildings of the Russian capital. 

Lunch at a local restaurant (included).  

In the afternoon we will visit the famous Moscow underground, one of the world's most beautiful subways, also  known as the "underground museum" boasting 203 stations and 12 lines. An estimated 70,000 metres of marble,  gold, glass, mosaics and precious metals were used to embellish these wonderful stations.   Optionally you may visit the famous State Tretyakov Gallery which houses many paintings depicting life in Tsarist  Russia, telling the story of this era in a way that no travel guide could. 

Accommodation at Moscow hotel.   

Day 6: Moscow 
Breakfast included at the hotel.  

In the morning we will visit the famous fortified Kremlin, the most famous of all Russian kremlins. Built in the twelfth  century, it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1990. It features the spectacular Cathedral Square, the  Great Kremlin Palace, the former Supreme Soviet (today the presidential palace), the Senate with its famous green  dome, the State Armouries, the Arsenal palace and the elegant Ivan the Great Bell Tower which, at its 81 metres, is  the highest point of the Kremlin. At its foot is the so‐called “Tsar Bell”, the largest bell in the world at 200 tons.  Lunch at a local restaurant (included).  We will have free time in the afternoon to continue enjoying the atmosphere of the largest European capital. 

Whoever wishes to may do one of the two optional activities offered:  Visit the famous Armory (Optional), a museum of treasures from the great Russian rulers located within the Kremlin,  showcasing about 4,000 samples of decorative art such as the famous Faberge Easter eggs and the Monomakh’s Cap,  the oldest crown and symbol of Russian absolutism, decorated with precious stones and sable fur. 

An optional visit can be made to Sérgiyev Posad (Zagorsk) a place of exceptional artistic and historical interest,  located 75 km from Moscow, perhaps the most revered site for Orthodox Russians, part the so‐called Russian "Golden Ring". Sérgiyev Posad features the Trinity and St Sergius Monastery (XV - XVIII century), declared Heritage Site by the  UNESCO in 1993. Known as the "Russian Vatican", it is the largest monastic complex of the Russian Orthodox Church  and a includes a significant array of structures including many palaces, museums and religious buildings such as  chapels, churches and cathedrals, all surrounded by magnificent walls.

Accommodation at Moscow hotel.   

Day 7: Moscow  
Breakfast included at the hotel. 

In the morning we will visit another Kremlin in the Russian capital — the Izmailovo Kremlin made of wood. Its full  name is "Kremlin and Vernissage in Izmailovo" and it is located in one of the most spectacular historical sites in  Moscow, on the bank of the Serebryano‐Vinogradny pond. Inside we can find the Museum of Russian Clothing and  Life, the Bell Museum, the Museum of Russian fairy tales, the Museum of the History of Vodka (always a favourite),  and the Museum of Traditional Russian Toys.  

Next to the Izmáilovo Kremlin we will discover the world‐famous “Vernissage”, the largest fair of fine arts, decorative  items, crafts and national crafts, souvenirs and antiques. This is where you can buy the famous Russian matrioshka  dolls at the best price. 

Lunch at a local restaurant (included). 

In the afternoon we will stroll through the Arbat Street—one of the oldest and most famous in the city where we  can enjoy numerous historical monuments, shops and cafés. We will have the rest of the afternoon free to continue  enjoying the city.  Optionally, we can witness the impressive “Kostromá” Russian National Dance Show. This folkloric show is a window  into the world of dance, art, history and culture of this enigmatic country. 

Accommodation at Moscow hotel.   

Day 8: Moscow 
Breakfast included at the hotel.  

If the flight schedule permits, free time for last‐minute shopping in this wonderful city.   At the designated time, transfer to the airport to catch the flight back home.

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Please note: Depending on the date of departure, the order of visits may be modified but will not affect the basic itinerary content.

Your Hotels

You will stay in a Standard Room with daily breakfast at the following hotels (or similar, depending on availability.)

All rooms sleep up to

Adults Adults Adults
3 Adults

Please note: the bed for the 3rd guest sharing is likely to be a sofa bed or camp style bed.

Poland Tour
2 NIGHTS in Warsaw: Westin Warsaw 5* de Varsovia or Intercontinental Warsaw 5* Hotel   
2 NIGHTS in Gdansk: Qubus Gdansk 4* / Puro Gdansk 4* de Gdansk Hotel   
1 NIGHT in Poznan: NH Poznan 4* Hotel 
1 NIGHT in Wroclaw: Mercure Wroclaw Centrum 4* Hotel    
2 NIGHTS in Krakow: Ester 4* or Rubinstein 4* Hotel
Russia Tour
3 NIGHTS in San Petersburg: Sokos Palace Bridge 5* or Hermitage or Emerald Hotel
4 NIGHTS in Moscow: Crown Plaza 5* or Radisson Royal 5* or Kempinski Hotel

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Russian Visa

A visa is required for entry into Russia.

You will require a letter of invitation to support your visa application, which will be provided by our local supplier. To obtain the letters of invitation required, you will need to send the following information to the local tour company (details will be provided on your voucher)

Last name
First name
Middle name
The date of birth
Passport number

Once you have received your letter of invitation, you will need to apply for a visa.

We would recommend visiting the following website as the visa application process provided by the Russian Nation Tourist Office.

Standard Service – 7 working days - £115
Express Service – 2 working days - £210

(prices correct at time of print, subject to change)

If you do require any assistance, it may be worth contacting the Russian National Tourist Office on 0207 985 1234 to discuss this further.

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