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The best Last Minute offers in Norway

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If you aim to arrange last-minute Norway holidays, you have come to the right place. The team of travel experts at Voyage Privé is ready to help you find the perfect travel package for a short-notice getaway to this amazing region of Northern Europe.

Why take a last-minute trip to Norway?

Norway's Nature

A short list of reasons to take a last-minute Norway holiday includes its incredible culture, majestic mountains, the Northern Lights, iconic fjords and welcoming people. Our team at Voyage Privé wants to help you book a truly unforgettable trip to this amazing part of Scandinavia. We have some great deals on the best tour packages you can arrange if you are looking to experience a good sampling of what Norway is all about. Our travel experts look forward to helping you find your best deal today!

The Voyage Privé travel expert's opinion on last-minute holidays in Norway

Norway offers something for everyone with its vibrant cities and its stunning natural landscapes. Whether you are looking for amazing nightlife or you want to journey across the great outdoors of Scandinavia, a last-minute Norway holiday booking through Voyage Privé is the answer. Check out our top picks for amazing tours across this incredible European region!

5 things to do on a last-minute trip to Norway

Norway's Nature

1. The Viking Ship Museum

The Viking Ship Museum is a must-visit spot in Oslo for any traveller interested in learning more about the region's storied history. It houses three ships that were discovered within the burial mounds of Viking rulers.

2. The Borderland Museum

Located on the outskirts of Kirkenes, the Borderlands Museum is one of the most interesting spots to visit in the region if you are on a last-minute Norway getaway. It focuses on telling the story of living in the most bombed town in Norway during World War II.

3. The Bergen Fish Market

As the busiest seaport in Norway, Bergen is known for its world-class seafood, which is on display at the Bergen Fish Market. You will find an awe-inspiring selection of fish and shellfish here, along with fresh vegetables and unique crafts.

4. The Heddal Stave Church

The Heddal Stave Church in Notodden is known for its three stunning towers. It is the largest of the 28 surviving stave churches in Norway.

5. The Akershus Fortress

Built in 1300, the Akershus Fortress is the oldest structure in the city of Oslo. The fact that it is free to visit adds to its appeal as a spot to check out while on last-minute Norway holidays.

Which hotel to choose for your last-minute stay in Norway

Norway's Nature

1.?Complete Norwegian Fjords Fly Drive 4*

The Complete Norwegian Fjords Fly Drive 4* travel package is the perfect option for a last-minute Norway holiday that will take you across many of the country's top regions. After arriving in Oslo, you will head to popular areas that include Telemark, Stavanger, Bergen and Otta. The tour takes place over 8 days, and you will enjoy luxury accommodation at hand-picked hotels along the way. Car hire is included throughout your travel offer.

2.?Magical Fjords - Norway In A Nutshell

Magical Fjords - Norway In A Nutshell is a 7-day tour that includes 6 nights of luxury accommodation across Norway. Your itinerary will give you time in Oslo and Bergen. During your journey, you will get the opportunity to visit some of the most iconic attractions across the country. A ride on the Flam Railway is a major highlight of the package.

3.?Over the Roof of Norway

Choosing the Over the Roof of Norway tour is a great option for those last-minute travel plans you have wanted to book. You will travel by rail across some of the region's most dramatic landscapes as you visit Oslo, Flam, Bergen and Gudvangen, among other notable stops. It is a great way to see some of the Scandinavian country's most beautiful and vibrant regions.

4.?Norway South to North

Norway South to North is a 6-day excursion across the incredible landscapes of Norway and a great last-minute option. During your trip, you will visit exciting regions like Oslo and Kirkenes. This travel deal includes plenty of time to explore the spots you stop off at across Norway.

5.?Discovering Norway Fly Drive

The Discovering Norway Fly Drive travel deal is the perfect choice for any traveller looking to spend last-minute Norway holidays exploring the country's mountains and fjords along with its major cities. Care hire is included as a part of your deal, making it easy for you to go at your own pace. During your getaway, you will stop off at Oslo, Telemark, Stavanger, Bergen, Sognefjord, Nordfjord and Gudbransdal.

Practical information on last-minute travel to Norway

The official language in Norway is Norwegian, but many residents speak English as well. The local currency is the Norwegian krone. When heading off for your last-minute getaway, you will want to include travel plug adapters and charging cables for your devices. Additionally, we recommend bringing seasonal clothing, including long trousers and long-sleeved tops. A good pair of hiking boots can be helpful when out exploring the country's beautiful landscapes.

What is the weather like in Norway?

The majority of Norway has a maritime climate with mild winters and cool summers. The eastern part of the country experiences warm summers and cold winters due to its inland position and the fact that it is sheltered by mountains.

What budget to plan

When planning to go away at the last minute, it is advisable to take some additional spending money. Doing this will help to ensure you are ready for additional costs you had not initially considered.

How to get to Norway

The primary international airports in Norway include Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger. Flights out of the UK are regularly available from major travel hubs like Manchester, Bristol, London and Birmingham.

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