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The best Last Minute deals in the Philippines

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If a last-minute Philippines holiday booking sounds like an amazing option to you, Voyage Privé can help you out. Our travel experts have some amazing tour packages that will take you across many of the most incredible regions of this country in Southeast Asia.

Why take a last-minute trip to the Philippines?

Discover the Philippines: Private Tour of Manila, Coron & El Nido

The list of reasons why last-minute Philippines holidays are a great idea includes the amazing beaches, the awe-inspiring landscapes, the vibrant culture, the unique wildlife and the welcoming people. These are a few of the key reasons why we are so excited to help you book your dream getaway to this amazing country in Southeast Asia. When you choose Voyage Privé, get access to our best travel packages for unforgettable tours across this stunning corner of the world.

The Voyage Privé travel expert's opinion on last-minute holidays in the Philippines

The Philippines is a travel destination that comes highly recommended by our Voyage Privé travel expert. From its incredible landscapes to its amazing dining experiences and its storied history, there is something for every type of traveller in this enchanting country. It is a great destination for couples, families, solo travellers and groups. Our team is ready to help you find the perfect last-minute Philippines tour package for an unforgettable excursion across this truly world-class region!

5 things to do on a last-minute trip to the Philippines

Discover the Philippines: Private Tour of Manila, Coron & El Nido

1. The National Museum of Anthropology

Located in Manila, the National Museum of Anthropology is home to fascinating archaeological and ethnological exhibitions. It is a wonderful stop to make during a last-minute Philippines break.

2. Mount Mayon

If you are looking for a great hiking opportunity while on last-minute holidays, Mount Mayon is the perfect option. Located in Legazpi, Albay, this volcano has often been referred to as the Mount Fuji of the Philippines due to its similar shape to the iconic peak in Japan.

3. The Baguio City Market

If you are on a last-minute Philippines holiday in the Baguio region of the country, a visit to the Baguio City Market is certainly in order. You will find everything from fresh poultry and produce to imported chocolates in this colourful shopping attraction.

4. The Chocolate Hills

Located in Bohol, the Chocolate Hills is one of the most awe-inspiring attractions that you can visit during a last-minute Philippines getaway. The region is renowned for the 1,268 cone-shaped hills that dominate the local landscape.

5. Boracay

Boracay is one of the top spots in the Philippines for travellers looking to soak up the sun. It is home to more than 30 beaches. Plenty of great restaurants and bars can be found here, perfect for indulging in exciting nightlife during your last-minute escape.

Which hotel to choose for your last-minute stay in the Philippines

Discover the Philippines: Private Tour of Manila, Coron & El Nido

1.?Private Tour in the Heart of the Visayas

The Private Tour in the Heart of the Visayas is a great option for a last-minute Philippines travel package. Your tour duration options include 10, 12 and 14-night excursions. During that time, you will visit regions that include Manila, Twin Lakes National Park and Bohol, among others. Included excursion options include climbing, hiking and swimming.

2.?Private Palawan Tour

The Private Palawan Tour is a fantastic Philippines tour package that includes stays at hand-selected 3 and 4-star hotels along the way. After starting in Manila, you will journey to amazing locations, including stays at Puerto Princesa, Astoria Palawan and El Nido. It is the perfect choice for a last-minute booking to this amazing region of the world!

3.?Three-Part Philippines Discovery

The Three-Part Philippines Discovery travel package is a Philippines tour focusing on Manila, Puerto Princesa and El Nido. You will enjoy ample opportunity to relax on the white sand beaches that the region is known for. The entire journey takes place across 14 days!

4.?Discover the Philippines

When you book Discover the Philippines for a last-minute getaway, you set off on a 12-day journey across many of the country's most incredible locations. Tour highlights include the Chocolate Hills, the markets of Baguio City and the Caraballo Mountains. This is a top selection if you want to truly sample the amazing regions that make up the Philippines.

5.?Amazing Philippines Tour 4*

The Amazing Philippines Tour 4* is a private excursion that gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the incredible landscapes of the Philippines. The package takes place over 14 days. You will stop at places like Manila, Sabang, Puerto Princesa, Cebu and Bohol during your travels. It is an outstanding choice if you are looking to arrange last-minute holidays.

Practical information on last-minute travel to the Philippines

When planning a last-minute Philippines getaway, it is important to note that UK passport holders can enter the country without a visa for up to 30 days. The local currency is the Philippine peso. Filipino is the country's official language, but many regional languages are spoken in different areas. English is widely spoken and understood by about 88 per cent of the population.

What is the weather like in the Philippines?

The Philippines enjoys a tropical maritime climate with high temperatures and humidity.

What budget to plan

The amount of money that you should budget for a last-minute Philippines getaway will depend on the duration of your stay. With that said, adding some extra funds to your estimated budget is a good idea. This will help to ensure that you are prepared for any additional costs you run into.

How to get to the Philippines

The only direct flights from the UK to the Philippines can be booked with Philippine Airlines out of London's Heathrow Airport. Other airlines that offer flights to the region include Etihad Airways, Emirates and Gulf Air.

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