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The 10 best 5 Star Luxury in Maldives 2024

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Unforgettable Maldives holidays are just around the corner when you book your luxury, 5 star accommodation with Voyage Privé. Enjoy your perfect stay at one of our top 5 recommended hotels in the region.

Our best 5 star hotels in the Maldives

1. Sun Island Resort & Spa 5*

Sun Island Resort & Spa 5*

The Sun Island Resort & Spa 5* offers all of the luxury amenities that you require for a dream getaway in the Maldives. This beautiful, eco-friendly property is an incredible choice for the whole family and is located on one of the region's largest islands. This is the perfect choice for a relaxing retreat or a holiday getaway full of adventure.

2. The Standard, Maldives 5*

The Standard, Maldives 5*

The Standard, Maldives 5* is a beautiful resort that consists of 115 idyllic villas that each have their own plunge pool. It is perfectly located to allow you to easily explore the area. This includes ample opportunity to go snorkelling or deep diving. You will be awe-struck at the incredible views that this booking offers and get to choose between an Ocean Overwater Villa, an Ocean Beach Villa or a Lagoon Beach Villa.

3. Brennia Kottefaru Maldives 5*

??Brennia Kottefaru Maldives 5*

The Brennia Kottefaru Maldives 5* is situated on a private island in the Raa Atoll of the Maldives. The property features luxurious modern amenities and offers an impressive array of dining options for you to enjoy while spending plenty of time on the beach.

4. The Residence Maldives 5*

??The Residence Maldives 5*

The Residence Maldives 5* is a luxury accommodation option that is the perfect place to base your exploration of the Maldives and its truly world-class beauty. The property combines traditional Maldivian architecture with modern amenities and comforts that you would expect from our recommended 5 star hotels. During your stay, you will rest comfortably in one of the hotel's stunning Water Villas, each of which has bespoke furnishings.

5. Noku Maldives 5*

??Noku Maldives 5*

The Noku Maldives 5* is an outstanding option for enjoying traditional Maldivian hospitality at its very best. You have the option of a Beach, Water or Water Pool Villa during your stay, and inclusive dining is a part of your travel package. You will love spending time rejuvenating yourself at the accommodation's on-site spa or simply relaxing by the pool as you take in a world-class holiday experience at your 5-star hotel in the Maldives.

Services you will find at our 5 star hotels in the Maldives

The luxury services and amenities that you will find at our 5 star hotels in the Maldives include:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Sea views
  • Swimming pools
  • Spa treatments
  • Luxury bathrooms and toiletries
  • Tea and coffee-making facilities
  • Fitness centres
  • Relaxing bars
  • Gourmet restaurants
  • Flat-screen televisions

Going on holiday in the Maldives

When planning a trip to the Maldives, it is recommended that you visit outside of the region's monsoon season. For many travellers, a stay in either March or April is the best option because the weather is hot and dry, and the crowds at the resorts are small compared to the summer months.

5 star hotel offers in the Maldives convenient for all kinds of travel

With its stunning scenery, friendly locals, incredible dining and amazing nightlife, there is something for everyone in this renowned island region. Whether you are going with your partner, your family, your friends or as part of a solo journey, you are sure to make some truly incredible memories when you book a 5 star hotel in the Maldives!

The range of 5 star hotels we offer in the Maldives

At Voyage Privé, we offer an impressive range of luxury accommodations in the Maldives that include modern resorts, boutique hotels and rejuvenating spa getaways.

Maldives: what should we bring for a hotel stay?

When planning for your holiday getaway to the Maldives, you will want to make sure you have brought along plenty of comfortable clothes, quality walking shoes, charging cables, electrical outlet adapters, evening attire, swimwear and additional toiletries.

Your best 5 star hotel in the Maldives: how to get there and make your booking

Noku Maldives 5*

How to get to the Maldives

For a direct flight from the UK to the Maldives, you will need to make your booking out of London's Heathrow Airport. British Airways offers flights to Velana International Airport in the Maldives with an average travel time of close to 10 hours. Upon your arrival, your ground transportation options to your hotel include taxi, dhoni, seaplane, bus and boat.

How to book your 5 star hotel in the Maldives

You can rely on our travel team at Voyage Privé to make booking your 5 star hotel in the Maldives a quick and easy process. Once you have registered online, you will gain access to our exclusive, members-only travel deals for the top luxury hotels that can be found in this awesome part of the world.

The opinion of the Voyage Privé travel expert on the Maldives

From experiencing its world-class beaches to immersing yourself in its incredible culture, history, nightlife and dining, a Maldives holiday is sure to be one that you remember fondly forever. Our travel experts at Voyage Privé are excited to help you make it happen. This incredible region in the Indian Ocean is home to over 20 natural atolls and some of the most awe-inspiring scenery that can be found anywhere in the world. Book your perfect 5 star hotel today to set yourself up for an incredible getaway that is sure to meet your expectations.

The Maldives, an island paradise with world-class dining and friendly locals

Experience all of the sights and sounds of the Maldives while enjoying the comfort and luxury of a 5 star hotel experience. Booking your holiday adventures with Voyage Privé today is the easy way to get the best deals on a dreamy getaway to this incredible island paradise!

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