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Last minute Caribbean cruises available

Infinity on the Beach 3* & Southern Caribbean Cruise

<p>This time next week you could be cruising the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean, all while enjoying the onboard facilities of a state of the art cruise ship. With valets taking care of your every need, and beautiful cuisine prepared by some of the world's most talented chefs, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is which excursions you would like to take. This is not a dream, our members can enjoy exclusive offers on last minute Caribbean cruises which offer savings of up to 70%.</p>
<h2>Relax on the beach or enjoy scuba diving and jungle treks, the choice is yours</h2>
<p>With a mix of exotic destinations to choose from a luxury last minute Caribbean cruise can combine a relaxing holiday with more adventurous sightseeing tours and even jungle treks. You could spend the day lounging on the golden sands of <a href="">Barbados</a>, before returning to your ship to watch the sunset as you enjoy dinner on deck prepared for you by a world renowned chef. Or you could enjoy a little culture by taking in the Mayan ruins of Belize before exploring the nearby jungle with your local guide. Only a luxury cruise can give you this choice and freedom.</p>

Infinity on the Beach 3* & Southern Caribbean Cruise

<h2>We handpick only the best cruises from the best cruise lines</h2>
<p>We only use the best Caribbean cruise lines when searching for luxury holiday offers, so you can rest assured, your ship will offer all the facilities veteran cruise passengers have come to expect. With on-board beauty salons, you can enjoy the latest beauty treatments, or you could spend a relaxing day in the spa during your last minute Caribbean cruise. There are on-board cinemas showing all the latest movies, or you could enjoy one of the exclusive shows in one of the many theatres. And that’s before we get to talking about the luxury facilities of your cabin, which include luxury en suite bathrooms and oversized beds with luxury bed linen. These ships really are floating palaces!</p>

Infinity on the Beach 3* & Southern Caribbean Cruise

<h2>Join us now to enjoy exclusive prices</h2>
<p>Our specialist cruise team hand pick luxury last minute Caribbean cruise to provide our members with luxury holidays at exceptional discounts. These select offers are not available to members of the public, so join us today and this time next week you could be enjoying the holiday of a lifetime cruising the Caribbean, while saving up to 70% on the list price. We have cruises to the Caribbean departing Southampton and Miami, so we can tailor your holiday to your exact requirements.</p>

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