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Camping Holidays : 5 Must-See Camping Destinations

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5 Must-See Camping Destinations

Camping is one of the most beautiful and engaging activities you can partake in while on holiday. If you're someone looking to immerse yourself in nature and appreciate all of the wonder that it has to offer, there's nothing quite like setting up a tent and spending the night outside. In order to get the most out of your camping trip, we've created a list of the 5 most notable camping destinations to travel to on holiday.

1. Willow Safari Tent

Though the name might suggest an African adventure, the Willow Safari Tent is actually located in Devon, United Kingdom. Within close proximity to a protected nature reserve and a beautiful beach, you will feel isolated from industrialised society while staying here — the resulting atmosphere is tranquil, sunny and beautiful. If you're someone who enjoys birdwatching, you'll also appreciate the fact that there are 40 different species of birds flying around the nature reserve.

2. Masai Mara Safari & Zanzibar Beach

If Kenya is on your bucket list of destinations, you should definitely consider going on this safari camping holiday. The holiday itself comprises of three parts: staying in Nairobi, going on the Masai Mara safari and staying alongside Zanzibar beach. How long you stay depends on your personal preference, but there are options to stay for six nights, eight nights or ten nights. In terms of scenery, there is possibly nothing as beautiful in Kenya as the Masai Mara, also referred to as one of Africa's greatest Wildlife Reserves.

3. East Thorne Cornwall

If you're someone who wants to go camping but still wants to have a luxurious experience, East Thorne Cornwall is for you. Nestled in North Cornwall, this collection of yurts and cottages allows you to have the feeling of camping without any of the less comfortable downsides. In fact, East Thorne Cornwall is so fancy that it is often considered part of a new trend of camping destinations called glamping (glam+camping). Those wanting to get away from it all will love the long beaches and beautiful gardens that are scattered around North Cornwall, while those looking to socialise will enjoy the community atmosphere present at the campsite.

4. New England Campervan Tour

Though it's well-known for metropolitan areas such as Boston, New England actually sports some of the most beautiful sights you can see in North America. This camping tour embraces that, taking you from New York to Maine to see all of the wondrous nature that once inspired the Transcendentalist artists. What makes this camping holiday so unique, though, is that it takes place in a campervan. You'll still get to see the aforementioned cities, but they will be contextualised by New England's gorgeous, rural landscape. New England is also filled to the brim with history, making this camping holiday a great opportunity to visit some historic sites and learn more about American history.

One of the benefits of this camping holiday is that it is completely self-guided — you can make up your own itinerary as you go along and take things at your own pace. In the event that you would like some guidance, you can also use any of our recommended routes. This camping holiday also allows you to rent your campervan for nine or thirteen days, allowing you to construct the experience of a lifetime.

5. Atlas Mountains, Canyons and Sahara Tour with Optional Marrakech Stay

This camping holiday is perfect for tourists who want to dive in headfirst to all that Morocco has to offer. This camping tour takes six days and five nights in total, taking you through the Atlas Mountains, canyons and the Sahara Desert. On the way, you also get to take in sights such as Saadian, an original town of the 16th-century dynasty. On your way back to Marrakech, you also visit the acclaimed restaurant Chez Ahmed in Telouet for some unforgettable traditional Moroccan food. In the event that you want to stay in Marrakech for two nights after the camping trip is over, you can upgrade your holiday package and extend your stay.

The Voyage Privé travel expert’s opinion on camping holidays

The trick to picking the best camping spot is finding a place that matches your preferences. If you're unsure as to which destination is right for you, we recommend that you factor in three different variables: climate, bodies of water and nearby activities. By following those guidelines, you'll be able to plan a camping holiday that is truly unforgettable. Whether you want to immerse yourself in Morocco, travel throughout New England or go on an adventure in North Cornwall, Voyage Privé is here to help you plan your dream camping holiday!

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