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Your unforgettable Tanzania Safari experience is here!

A Tanzania safari is an experience like no other and with our handpicked luxury travel offers and great discounts on hotels you can now stop dreaming and start packing. Close your eyes and imagine that east African wind on your face, the smell and sound of the savannah, the sun rising over Mount Kilimanjaro and you walking in the footsteps of Ernest Hemingway. Now open them, because with our unique selection of luxury holidays, these are the kind of sights you will be able to see and experience.

A country made for the best safari experience

Tanzania is a country particularly suited to providing an unforgettable safari experience. It is known for the vastness and breathtaking diversity of its wilderness areas, populated by what are commonly known as the ‘big five’ of safari animals: the lion, the elephant, the leopard, the buffalo and the rhinoceros. With 16 national parks and 38% of the land set aside for conservation purposes, your only problem will be choosing where you want to go for your Tanzania safari. From the Ngorongoro Conservation area to Gombe Stream National Park, and with the largest lake in Africa (Lake Victoria) and also its highest mountain (Mount Kilimanjaro in the Kilimanjaro National Park) you can bet your safari will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Or perhaps you are dreaming instead of heading straight to the world heritage site of Serengeti, where the most incredible wildlife spectacle in the world will unfold before your eyes, with cheetahs, lion, zebras and gazelles all vying for your attention. And if this is still not enough, you also have Lake Manyara National Park where you will be able to see over a hundred different species of birds in a single day, including the beautiful flamingos the region is famous for, or have an encounter with giraffes and elephants during your Tanzania Safari.

Fantastic hotels and unique locations in an amazing package

We offer only the best choice of hotels and we expertly blend them with a unique and tailored safari experience to create what we know will be the most unforgettable luxury holidays you will ever have. We have a great choice of accommodation where you can relax after your exciting safari and a whole day spent looking at the most wonderful animals on the planet.

So what are you waiting for? Stop dreaming and sign up now to receive all our amazing offers on Tanzania safaris!

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