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Northern Lights Holidays

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The northern lights, also known as the aurora borealis, have captivated humans for millennia. They display a spectacular light show with fully energized particles from the earth's upper atmosphere. The dancing waves move to a speed of up to 72 million kph. Reykjavik is one of the few destinations to watch northern lights from. Use the Perlan Museum base at the Öskjuhlíð Hill for perfect sight. Grotta Nature Reserve, located west of Reykjavik, is also a popular destination. Grotta Lighthouse is an ideal platform local and tourists gather to watch the skies. Nightlights in Iceland occur due to their proximity to the north poles magnetic poles.

Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura Spa 4*

The top 5 things to do in Reykjavik

1. Watch the Iceland Northern Lights

Reykjavik is the best place in the world to watch the northern lights. The northern lights are the most fantastic tourist attraction site in Iceland. The stunning lights are visible from August to early May. Book a tour in Reykjavik, move far from the cities street light pollution, and face north. The general rule of thumb to watch the northern light is the darker it gets, the better. Aurora forecast for Iceland should indicate when the green magnificent northern lights will come up.

2. Visit the Public Parks and Gardens

Reykjavik has beautiful green sceneries, most of which are lesser-known. The public gardens within the city are Hallargardur and Hljomskalagardur, located within the Kjarvalsstadir Art Museum area. Reykjavik public gardens and parks are the best destinations when holding outdoor events. Enjoy an artificial Kvika across the rocks along the seashore. You can warm your feet along this path while enjoying a fantastic view of the northern lights. Reykjavik features a warm tub along the sea; a warm wading pool comes from the hot springs.

Center Hotels Plaza Reykjavík

3. Delve into Iceland Art and Culture

Reykjavik is full of rich art and culture within and without the city. Part of Reykjavik's art scene is local live performances and Harpa. A visit to the local museums, galleries, and outdoor sculptures narrates Iceland's story of growth and evolution. A famous sculpture within the city is the Sun Voyager. It allows tourists a fantastic view of Mt. Esja. Take note of several sculptures around the streets. In any case, you cannot miss the Einar Jonsson Museum (next to Hallgrimskirkja Church) and Asmundur Museum in Laugardalur recreational area.

4. A Visit to the Harpa Concert Hall

This is one of the most impressive landmarks in Reykjavik. Take a selfie next to this epic whole glass building. The buildings' insider and outsider appearance is a remarkable sight. It's made with admirable thrilling architecture. Also, ensure to visit a live concert at the hall before leaving Reykjavik and watch some of the classic bands in Iceland that will give you a taste of Reykjavik's nightlife.

5. Enjoy Some Reykjavik Local Cuisine

Reykjavik is a famous tourist attraction centre. The local hotels have excellent chefs ready to prepare international cuisines. A food adventure in this city is always memorable, thanks to the Icelandic hotels' fantastic food scene that hosts the best delicacies in the country

Our Best Hotels in Reykjavik

1. Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik

Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura Spa 4*

Next to Öskjuhlíd Hill's quiet woods and Nauthólsvík geothermal beach, Icelandair is a quiet and eco-friendly hotel located in the greenest parts of Reykjavik. The hotel features fantastic epic surroundings of art and nature. It is a 5-minute drive from the city centre, or much easier, a 10-minute trip by bus. The hotel building is a perfect representation of ideal work of art. It features local sculptures, video installations and natural paints. Guests enjoy cheaper art at the nearby museum

2. Center Hotels Plaza

Center Hotels Plaza Reykjavík

Experience Reykjavik's best hotels in your excursion to discover the fabulous northern lights. Center Hotels Plaza will give you an ideal staycation in a full pack of excursions. The hotel features executive rooms and a featured daily breakfast. Center Hotels is located right at the heart of Reykjavik. It features a spacious, bright lobby and boasts word-class rooms. Center Hotel also gives you a clear, beautiful view of Ingolfsorg square.

3. Exeter Hotel Reykjavik

Exeter Hotel Reykjavik 4*

Exeter Hotel is located near the Reykjavik old port. The hotel building resembles the neighbouring constructions at the harbour. It boasts a contemporary design featuring a modern ambience and advanced architecture for maximum comfort. You get a clean, comfortable room with Wi-Fi, a TV, and an espresso machine. There is a practical workstation to accommodate your work.

When Is the Best Time to Go on Holiday to Reykjavik?

Your purpose of the visit will determine the best time to visit Reykjavik. Typically, the best time is summer, which runs from June to August. During summer, the days are longer, and the weather favours outdoor activities. Unlike in other places, summer in Iceland is very green and is marked by cloudy skies and rain. Remember, you have to utilize less than four hours of darkness to see the aurora borealis.

Going On Holiday in Reykjavik

Reykjavik is accessible via two options, an aeroplane or via ferry. More than 20 airlines offer regular daily flights from Keflavik airport to Europe and North America. Family vacays who wish to come along with their car could use the Norrona ferry plying from Denmark. Once at the airport, you can use a shuttle bus to Reykjavik. The drive takes approximately one hour.

Enjoy Your Holiday in Reykjavik

Enjoy your stay in Iceland's best hotels around the Reykjavik area. Most tourists visit this North Pole town to see the famous northern lights. Camping is the best place to locate the fantastic green lights. The best camping sites are far from the city centre for less light pollution. Visitors travelling from April to August may enjoy beautiful northern lights without struggle, thanks to the less dark sky.

The Voyage Privé Travel Expert's Opinion on Reykjavik

There are a lot of reasons why Reykjavik should be at the top of your "best places to visit" list. From its unique architecture to picturesque background, amazing food culture, and numerous attractions, the town has everything you need to stay entertained during your stay. If you are visiting Reykjavik for the northern lights, a short drive outside the time will provide a spot without artificial light. Never leave town without having a dip into the iridescent blue water of the blue lagoon and visiting the local museums to learn more about Iceland's Viking history. Nobody leaves Reykjavik with regrets!

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