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Last Minute Cottage Breaks

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Why choose cottage breaks?

While hotels and apartments can provide a high level of luxury and various amenities, there will be times when you will feel like staying somewhere that is a home away from home. Cottage breaks offer a holiday experience that is more immersive and authentic to your chosen location and will allow you to feel that you’re more a part of the community.

The Voyage Privé travel expert’s opinion on last minute cottage breaks

Cottages might not seem like the most obvious choice for last minute getaways compared to hotels, but there are several advantages to booking a cottage stay. While they may not always be as centrally located as hotels, and perhaps not offering all of the same amenities, they more than make up for that with scenic locations, cosy living arrangements, and greater independence, including stretching your budget by self-catering. For the traveller keen to feel a genuine connection with their surroundings, cottages offer an ideal home away from home.

The top five places to experience a cottage break

1. Mykonos

One of the most popular of Greece’s Cycladic islands, Mykonos is renowned for its nightlife and party atmosphere as much as its beautiful white-sand beaches. Yet Mykonos is also home to many traditional villages, scenic walking trails and historic sites making it a perfect destination for a relaxing holiday.

2. Nevis

The smaller of the two islands that make up the Caribbean nation of St. Kitts and Nevis, the island of Nevis is an unspoiled paradise rich in natural beauty. With its sandy, palm-covered beaches and crystal-clear waters, Nevis is an ideal setting in which to kick back and move at your own pace.

3. Cornwall

Situated on a peninsula at the southwestern tip of England, Cornwall boasts an extensive rugged coastline, picturesque seaside towns and harbours along with a fascinating history. The Cornish coast is a popular holiday destination drawing many visitors to its dramatic scenery and mild climate, with towns such as Newquay featuring many attractive leisure and nightlife activities.

4. Sardinia

The second largest of Italy’s islands, Sardinia is popular for its warm climate, mountainous scenery, pristine beaches, and traditional Mediterranean way of life. With plenty of historic locations to explore, unique wildlife, beautiful coastal towns and a vibrant nightlife, there is much to delight in here.

5. Iso-Syöte

The southernmost fell in Finland, Iso-Syöte is an icy wonderland of snow-covered trees and mountains in winter and a lush green wilderness in summer. Popular for its hiking trails and outdoor activities in the warmer months, and a popular ski resort in winter, Iso-Syöte is a stunningly beautiful location to visit any time of year.

What cottage stays to choose for a last-minute break

1. Aletro Cottage Houses

Originally built in the 1950s, this property has been refurbished to blend traditional Mykonian design with modern up-to-date comforts. Rooms are spacious and tastefully furnished, and include kitchen and dining facilities, private balcony or terrace views and easy access to many local sights and events.

2. The Hermitage Plantation Inn Nevis 4*

Converted from an old plantation, these cottages are some of the oldest in the Caribbean and have been lovingly restored to ensure that your holiday accommodation is both inviting and authentic. Each cottage is furnished with period antiques and furniture, and features a master bedroom and bath, living area, kitchenette, and private porch.

3. The Headland Hotel & Cottages 4*

Just a short distance from the sun and sand of Fistral Beach, these self-catering cottages have been cleverly designed with privacy and relaxation in mind. Sizes range from one-, two- and three-bedroom cottages, with open plan living and dining areas and access to all amenities provided by the hotel itself.

4. Hotel Arbatax Park Resort Cottage 4*

One of the largest resorts on Sardinia, Arbatax Park Resort is an excellent location to experience the natural beauty of the Capo Bellavista peninsula. Each cottage is luxurious and comfortably furnished to enrich your stay, with the location providing easy access to the beach and offering a range of leisure and dining options onsite.

5. Hotel Iso-Syote 3*

For those seeking the magic of a winter getaway, these wooden kelo-style cottages provide an enticing traditional Finnish experience for your stay. Each cottage contains a generous space with cosy fireplace, comfortable bedroom, en-suite bathroom with private sauna, and dining facilities. The cottages also feature breath-taking views of the winter landscape and access to a range of snow-based activities.

Practical information about cottage breaks

When is the best time to book last minute cottages?

While it is possible to find last minute cottage deals in peak season if you look hard enough, such deals tend to be more difficult to come by. Periods of lower demand are more likely to deliver a discounted rate on cottage breaks. Weather conditions are another consideration for cottage stays, especially if they are self-catered as certain amenities might be harder to come by during certain periods compared to hotels. Lastly, keep in mind the location of your stay, and whether you prefer a more remote private location or one that is closer to civilisation, as this can greatly impact on the overall enjoyment of your break.

What budget should I plan for?

Getting a last-minute deal on your cottage stay will allow you more freedom and flexibility with your budget to cover other items within your itinerary. Services such as food, transport and optional excursions need to be considered wherever you go, and it is also advisable to check whether your holiday destination has regular tipping. If you are planning on attending any festivities or experiencing the local nightlife, then these should also be factored into your overall budget so you can enjoy your stay with peace of mind.

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