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Kenya Safari Holidays

Straddling various climates and awash with colour, Kenya is one of the best places to discover the thrill of safari, while also traversing a varied landscape and meeting an array of people. Unique in its cornucopia of culture, Kenya safari packages offers a chance to explore one of Africa's most historic and diverse countries. Some 42 different cultures mean you could be speaking to people from alternate tribes during your whole stay.

Diverse wildlife on Kenya safari holidays

Many people associate Kenya safari with the sweeping plains and hoards of wildebeest, and Kenya is particularly famous for these. However, to assume that this is all the country has to offer would be overlooking some seriously interesting species. At times neglected, the ocean life in Kenya is home to a rich range of sharks, whales and other marine life. Such is the complexity of this country, that visitors will one minute be enthralled, the next exhausted by everything it has to offer, making it one of the most exciting destinations selected by our experienced team.

Elephants are revered as Kenya's landscape engineers, as they chew plants and spread seeds to carve a new space. When visiting the area of Amboseli, you can come face to face with these interesting, social and gentle giants. Our team have carefully hand selected a number of four and five star hotels to accommodate you and your family in the height of comfort. The Great Rift Valley is home to birds from the large and flightless ostrich to the flamingos, standing in their rainbow of pinks. Whatever your preference, you can choose a Kenya safari package to discover endemic species.

Sea-faris provide an alternative Kenya safari package

One of the most exciting draws of a trip to Kenya is the marriage of beach and safari. With a trip to the Indian Ocean, you can see whale sharks and myriad tropical fish from clowns to lions and everything else in between. With over 16 species of angel fish, you will see an aquarium pass before your very eyes, as you enjoy the crystal waters.

Choosing a hotel in Kenya

All hotels recommended have been exclusively selected by our team to provide luxury and convenience for your Kenya safari holiday. This means you can get hot and sweaty as you explore and return to the height of comfort for the evenings. Never miss a deal by signing up today and you will be travelling in affordable luxury before you know it.

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