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Iceland breaks with tours

With its lava fields, ethereal frost twinkling under a low winter sun, Northern Lights and natural hot springs, Iceland is one of the most otherworldly places you can visit in Europe.

See the magic of Iceland

Every day, the world seems to get smaller; offering the magic and faraway destination of an Icelandic holiday and visits to some of its best attractions within reach. Rapidly becoming a popular destination, there is a range of hotels to stay at in Iceland, however you may need to act quickly to find the perfect accommodation for your family. Try it for your Iceland break with tour.

Stay in the lap of luxury in Iceland

All of our hotels are exclusively four and five star places, so whether it's a romantic weekend, or one for all the family, you can rest assured that you'll enjoy the best comforts the island has to offer during your Iceland break with tour.

Iceland breaks with tours

When in the land of fire and ice, no trip is complete without going on a northern lights tour. Here, you will be safely ensconced in a tour bus, while driving to a location outside of the city to see whether the lights will dance for you. You will feel completely at one with nature as you see crisp constellations in some of the clearest skies

With its geysers, hot springs and glaciers, there are plenty of places in Iceland which have been handpicked by our staff to offer adventure tours. Take in the marvellous Gulfoss waterfall, just a few minutes away from the ferocious and captivating hot spring at Geysir. A Golden Circle tour allows you to engage with all of Iceland's phenomenal scenery, including a visit to the UNESCO site of Thingvellir National Park. Now that’s a real Iceland break with tours !

Whale watching tours can be a fun way to get up close and personal with the fascinating wildlife within the surrounding North Sea. Whales, dolphins and porpoises frequent the waters and there are always a variety of birds to spot, hiding in the cliffs and swooping to the water line. The Blue Lagoon offers comfort, luxury and a breathtaking experience and is within easy reach of the capital. See dawn roll in, in its warm waters for an unforgettable Iceland break with tour. Sign up today to get the best deals on your trip.

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