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Unique Stays : Unusual places to Stay

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The top 10 unique hotel stays

Are you bored of the typical hotel setup? Ditch the standard and book a room in a truly unique overnight location. From cave dwellings to opulent former royal residences, you'll find a wealth of historic, unusual and unforgettable stays at Voyage Privé. You don’t have to sacrifice your luxurious standards either. You can experience tree-top hotels, yurts and snow huts which all offer an excellent level of comfort despite their idiosyncrasies.

The best unique hotel deals at Voyage Privé


A French Chateau - Chateau De Villiers 4*

You can transport yourself to the French Middle Ages with a stay in a real 13th-century French Chateau. One of the top options is Chateau De Villiers, a paradisiacal hotel complete with its own mote and manicured grounds. Despite the age, the rooms are contemporary while common areas maintain an antiquated charm.


A Medieval Castle - Comlongon Castle 4*

You can choose from a number of Medieval castle hotels, but it doesn’t get more atmospheric than Comlongon Castle. The hotel offers luxurious overnight stays in tasteful quarters that ooze history and heritage. You’ll even find the castle’s Royal Coat of Arms shining above a roaring fire in the Great Hall.


A Yurt – Shakti Yurt

Yurts are a popular and charming alternative to rustic camping. It’s a great way to experience nature with all the mod-cons of a typical hotel stay. With Shakti Yurt, you have access to the unspoilt Gower Peninsula of Wales and its spectacular beaches.


A Snow House - SnowHotel Kemi

Take your winter vacation to the next level with an overnight stay in a hotel created and carved from snow and ice. This hotel in Finland is an excellent example, offering carved murals above the fur-covered snow bed. You can also round out the evening with a drink in the ice bar.


A Treetop Hotel - Tree House Lodge

Staying in a treehouse is both nostalgic and exciting. Modern tree houses offer a truly unique perspective on the world, with spectacular panoramic views over canopies and forest life. The Tree House Lodge in Costa Rica updates the childhood dream of a treehouse with truly luxurious interiors and the chance to get up-close with nature.


A Private Island - Dhigufaru Island Resort 5*

Imagine escaping to your own decadent private island, with empty beaches, crystalline shores and true quiet. The Maldives, among other destinations, allow you to relax as a luxurious castaway with resorts like Dhigufaru Island Resort. There’ll be a few other guests, of course, but you can experience private scuba diving and spacious sailing far away from the crowds.


A Boat Hotel - Invicta Ribeira Boat Hotel 3*

Whether you choose to sail or remained docked, there are plenty of boat hotels to offer a maritime flair to your overnight stay. The Invicta Ribeira Boat Hotel is particularly unique, offering a view of Porto from the famed Douro River itself. You can observe the port houses and fishing boats from your 1920’s-themed cabin, or head for the terrace for a completely unique view of the city.


A Royal Residence - Pavillon Henri IV 4*

While staying in a working royal residence may be impossible, you can do the next best thing. Pavillion Henri IV is as opulent as overnight stays get. Decorated in resplendent centuries-old décor, this is both a former royal residence and the birthplace of King Louis XIV. The residence has hosted a wealth of famed guests in history, from the composer Jacques Offenbach to the writer Alexandre Dumas.


A Monastery - Residenza Paolo VI 4*

You can experience a slice of history with a stay in a former monastery or abbey. The Residenza Paolo VI is one such former Augustinian Monastery, located right next to the Vatican City on the famed St Peter’s Square. Much of the old structures have been tastefully maintained with impressive views to holy sites like St Peter’s Dome.


A Cave Hotel - The Cappadocia Hotel 4*

Enjoy a night in a cave. Not a dark and dingy cave, but a fairy-tale-like cave with cosy Ottoman interiors and beautiful engravings. The Cappadocia Hotel is typical of its otherworldly surroundings, offering atmospheric ruins and breathtaking ancient rock formations just moments from your room. It’s a truly captivating hotel that will leave a magical lasting impression.

Services you will find in our unique stays

  • Fresh local produce
  • Complimentary WiFi
  • Flat Screen TV
  • Spa and wellness centres
  • Bookable experiences

Unique hotels convenient for all kinds of travel

Our unique hotels are a great way to thrill the family or set the scene for a romantic night away. You can retrace history in castles, chateaux and former royal residences, or enjoy the peace and nature of treetop hotels and island retreats. Whatever you choose, Voyage Privé offers access to a wide number of unique and unexpected hotels that will leave a lasting impression for years to come. Whether you're celebrating an anniversary, escaping with friends or adventuring with the family, Voyage Privé helps you plan that memorable holiday away.

The range of unique stays we offer

  • Historic hotels
  • Castle hotels
  • Former royal residences
  • Upscale yurts
  • Cave hotels
  • Boat hotels
  • Tree house hotels
  • Ice hotels

What should you bring on a unique hotel stay?


  • Good walking gear for hikes
  • Charger for electronic devices, including portable charger
  • Travel adaptors
  • Guide books

Your best unique hotels: How to get there and make your booking

How to get there

Some of our hotel deals come with flights and transfers, while some are for room stays only. Check each hotel booking to find the best route there and back.

How to book your hotel

As a Voyage Privé member, you have access to exclusive and limited deals on a range of unique properties. Registering is free, offering full access to a range of discounted rates, limited offers and inclusive packages. Simply enter in your travel dates for a full break-down of unmissable hotel deals.

The opinion of the Voyage Privé travel expert on unique hotels

You can pack a lot more excitement and memory-making into your travels right from the moment of check-in. By picking a unique hotel, your bedroom itself becomes an adventure. Whether you're sleeping in canopies under glistening stars and chiming wildlife, or you're snuggling up in a fairy-tale cave which dates back over centuries, you are set for an unforgettable experience right from day one.

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