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Germany Holiday Package - All-Inclusive Tour

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Why discover Germany with a holiday package?

If you plan to travel to Germany, an all-inclusive Voyage Privé holiday package allows you to get the most from your trip, conveniently and cost-effectively.

The different types of holidays and tours offered by Voyage Privé

Everyone has unique travel needs and requirements when it comes to holidays. We respect uniqueness at Voyage Privé, which explains why we offer a wide range of options to match your needs. Our all-inclusive packages include cruises, self-driving tours, combined destinations, culture trips and more. Check out some of our offers below.

Enjoy a one-weekend deal in Berlin

If you are interested in art or history, a luxury weekend getaway to Berlin is recommended. Some of the attractions to visit in Berlin include Bergheim, Sven Marquardt and popular monuments like The Jewish Museum, Checkpoint Charlie and the Holocaust Memorial.

Luxury holidays in Berlin

This luxury holiday deal to Berlin is suitable for everyone, from party animals to culture enthusiasts. The package offers an incredible chance to explore Germany's capital – Checkpoint Charlie, Museum Island, and the Reichstag, among others. The trip also offers access to the other side of the city, where you will enjoy a guided boat ride up the Spree River and a view of the Berlin Wall.

A memorable trip to Munich

Munich is one of the most exciting places to visit during your trip. The city has two halves: One side oozes with technology and art while the other is all about culture and history. Besides being Germany's focal point, it is the heart of Bavarian culture, making it ideal for anyone longing for a taste of Germany's medieval roots.

Holidays to Hamburg – German's port city

Despite being Germany's second-largest city, Hamburg offers unique holiday experiences, including water activities and cruising along the Elbe River. Our Hamburg holiday package is the ideal way to experience the city's cosy and relaxing restaurants and amazing spa and shopping experiences. You can also visit the Elbphilharmonie concert hall, Miniatur Wunderland and other incredible exhibitions in the city.

Holiday package to Frankfurt – where old meets new

Thanks to its rich history and culture combined with the brightest future, Frankfurt is a leading tourism destination in Germany. At the same time, the city is one of the most modern cities in Germany. To experience this magical blend, take advantage of this Voyage Privé offer and explore one of the cutting-edge European cities first-hand.

Practical advice for planning your trip to Germany

When to travel to Germany

The best time to visit Germany is between May and September. The pleasantly warm weather during this period is best for outdoor activities. However, if you wish to avoid crowds and enjoy numerous offers and price cuts, spring (March-May) would be a great time to visit. Autumn (September to October) would also be great if you like a quiet holiday.

Administrative formalities before going to Germany

Since Germany is a member of the Schengen Area, nationals of the 62 member states are free to visit for tourism without a visa and stay for 90 days. However, if you are from another nation, you need a visa to visit Germany.

How to get around in Germany

With an all-inclusive Voyage Privé package, you don't need to worry about getting around Germany. However, if you must, the country boasts an outstanding rail network combined with taxis, ferries, hire cars, rental bikes and other modes of transport.

What is the time difference?

Germany is one hour ahead of the UK.

What is the official language?

The official language of Germany is German, but English is commonly used in most tourist destinations.

High-quality services at the best price for your package holidays in Germany

Voyage Privé aims at providing high-quality facilities and services by partnering with high-end hotels to meet your needs. Options include spas, massages, room upgrades, sea views, gyms, fine dining and more. With a Voyage Privé package, you will enjoy tours and cruises to ensure that you enjoy your trip to the full.

Voyage Privé's hot deals for Germany holiday packages

Germany should be at the top of your must-visit destinations if you love experiencing different cultures, cuisines and architecture. Thanks to its diversity, the country has something for everyone regardless of their taste, preference or personality.

Five places to see on your trip to Germany

1. Berlin

Besides being Germany's capital, Berlin oozes elegance and vibrance with superb dining and shopping options. The city is also popular for its entertainment industry and, most importantly, it is one of Europe's leading cultural centres.

2. Munich

Munich, the home of the Bavarian culture, is one of the biggest cities in Germany. In addition to the rich culture, it is an excellent place if you love heritage and history. The city is one of the places that significantly shaped Germany's political and cultural makeup.

3. Medieval Rothenburg

Rothenburg offers various beautiful attractions. This Bavarian city offers well-preserved medieval architecture and easy access to Rothenburg and Frankfurt. If you are a photography lover, this destination offers the ideal environment for incredible pics.

4. Cologne

Cologne is one of the German cities that have successfully preserved their roots. Therefore, it makes an excellent destination if you would like to explore Cologne Cathedral and spectacular views of the River Rhine. Cologne is also a cultural hub that is popular for its art galleries, cafes and boutique shops.

5. Koblenz & the Rhine Valley

If you plan to participate in the increasingly popular cruises down the Rhine, you will dock at the beautiful city of Koblenz. The German Corner, popularly known as Deutsches Eck, is one of the most significant stops as you enter Koblenz. Here, you will experience the unique confluence of the Mosel and Rhine rivers.

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