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7 Days in Egypt: The Best Itinerary for Your Visit

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The Best Things to Do with 7 Days in Egypt

Itinerary in Egypt: day 1



Your 7 days in Egypt itinerary begins in Karnak. It is one of the most fabulous sites from ancient Egypt and a must-visit location during your holiday. Its temple complex dates to the reign of Pharaoh Senusret I, who ruled from 1,971 to 1,926 BCE. Construction continued through the Ptolemaic Period of 305 to 30 BCE. The primary point of interest is the 4,645 square metre hypostyle hall. It features 134 massive columns that have been arranged into 16 rows. 122 of these stand at a height of 10 metres, while the remaining 12 are 21 metres tall.



The next stop during the 1st leg of your getaway takes you to Luxor. This massive site in Upper Egypt's Nile Valley contains some of the most astonishing monuments created by the country's ancient inhabitants. Located on the east bank of the river, you will encounter the fabulous Luxor Temple, which was built around 1,400 BCE. It was dedicated to the rejuvenation of kingship. Scholars believe that many ancient rulers were crowned at this stunning location.

Itinerary in Egypt: day 2

Enjoy the beach in Hurghada


The 2nd leg of your 7 days in Egypt itinerary takes you to the spectacular resort town of Hurghada. It is located on the Red Sea and features some of the country's best beaches. This is the perfect opportunity for you to kick back and relax or enjoy a refreshing swim as you soak up the Egyptian sun. You will find the best beach areas south of the main part of town in an area called Sigala.

Dine at Hurghada Marina

Wrap your day up with a mouth-watering dining experience at the Hurghada Marina. It is located in the Sigala district and features a magical promenade next to the Red Sea. Sit back and enjoy a cup of tea while indulging in some sheesha (waterpipe) at one of the local cafés. After this, you will find an array of excellent restaurants to choose from that serve everything from traditional Egyptian cuisine to international dishes. A few recommendations include Kahramana, Grill & Chill, Stone Restaurant & Bar and L'Imperatore Restaurant.

Itinerary in Egypt: day 3

The Valley of the Kings

Valley of the Kings

Day 3 takes you from Hurghada back into the heart of the Nile as you visit the iconic Valley of the Kings. This world-renowned ancient site served as the burial ground for the pharaohs of Egypt's New Kingdom. It is the location of the tomb of Tutankhamun, which was first discovered fully intact in 1922. In total, more than 60 burial sites have been unearthed. They include the final resting places of iconic rulers like Seti I and Ramesses II.

The Valley of the Queens

The Valley of the Queens is the sister site of the Valley of the Kings. As one might assume from the name, this was the burial ground for the wives of the pharaohs of the New Kingdom. One of the must-visit attractions is the tomb of Queen Nefertari. She was the wife of Pharaoh Ramesses II. The walls of her tomb are adorned with fabulous engravings of the queen interacting with the gods.

Itinerary in Egypt: day 4

The Temple of Hatshepsut

Temple of Hatshepsut

Day 4 of your itinerary starts with a visit to the mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut. It is located opposite Luxor and features 3 massive terraces that ascend above the floor of the desert. First excavated in 1827, this magical location was founded in the 15th century BCE.

The Colossi of Memnon

The Colossi of Memnon are 2 of the most iconic statues from ancient Egypt. They represent Pharaoh Amenhotep III, who reigned from 1391 to 1353 BCE. These imposing figures once stood guard over the ruined mortuary temple of the pharaoh. They are a must-see attraction for any 7 days in Egypt itinerary.

Itinerary in Egypt: day 5

The Temple of Khnum

On day 5 of your itinerary, you will continue your journey down the Nile with a stop at the Temple of Khnum. This unique site has a history that dates to the time of Pharaoh Tuthmosis III. The temple itself was begun during the reign of the Ptolemaic ruler Ptolemy VI Philometor. During the Roman era, a hypostyle hall was added. This part of the complex is available for visitors to explore, and it features well-preserved carvings that date to the 3rd-century CE.


As you continue down the Nile, you will arrive at Edfu. The main point of interest here is the Temple of Horus. It is one of ancient Egypt's best-preserved sites that was built during the Ptolemaic era. Construction at the site extended from 237 to 57 BCE. Its walls are covered with inscriptions that have provided scholars with deep insights into the myths, language and religions of the ancient Egyptians.

Itinerary in Egypt: day 6

Kom Ombo

Kom Ombo

Another 62 kilometres down the Nile, you will find the site of Kom Ombo. It was originally the location of the ancient Egyptian city of Nubt. During the Greco-Roman period, it became a Greek settlement. The Temple of Kom Ombo is the main point of interest here. It is known for its unique double design in which sanctuaries, halls and courts were duplicated in honour of 2 different sets of Egyptian gods. The site was constructed during the Ptolemaic period with additions made under Roman rule.


Another 50 kilometres south of Kom Ombo, you will arrive at the ancient wonders of Aswan. It served as a primary quarry for the granite that was used in Egyptian sculptures and obelisks and is home to some of the country's most renowned archaeological sites. Top points of interest include the Temple of Philae, Elephantine Island and the Nubian Museum.

Itinerary in Egypt: day 7

Lake Nasser

Complete your 7 days in Egypt by heading to Lake Nasser. It is one of the largest man-made lakes in the world and was created through the construction of the Aswan High Dam. The dam is built across the Nile. Points of interest in the area include Qasr Ibrim, Kalabsha Temple and the Temple of Dakka.

Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel

Located on the western bank of Lake Nasser's southern end, you will find the temples of Abu Simbel. They were constructed during the reign of Pharaoh Ramesses II around 1264 BCE. In 1959, the site's amazing wonders were under threat from the lake's rising waters. To save them, they were meticulously disassembled and then reassembled at their current location. This massive project was finally completed in 1968.

Where to stay in Egypt

1. Jaz Aquamarine Resort 5* & Egyptian Nile Cruise

Jaz Aquamarine Resort

Enjoy an amazing holiday experience when you book the Jaz Aquamarine Resort 5* & Egyptian Nile Cruise on Voyage Privé. This deal includes an unforgettable Nile Cruise with stops in Luxor, Edfu and Aswan.

Facilities and amenities at the Jaz Aquamarine Resort 5* include a laundry service, outdoor parking, an outdoor swimming pool, a private beach, a sports court, a fitness centre, a nightclub, a kids' club, a spa, a Jacuzzi and evening/daytime entertainment for adults. Rooms are equipped with a safe, a coffee machine, air conditioning and a balcony or terrace.

What we like: We love the way that this travel deal combines a rejuvenating resort stay with a spectacular Nile cruise.

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2. Discover Egypt & Nile Cruise with Optional Desert Rose Resort 5*

Nile Cruise with Optional Desert Rose Resort

Embark on a fabulous adventure when you choose the Discover Egypt & Nile Cruise with Optional Desert Rose Resort 5*. This tour includes stops at iconic locations like Karnak, Luxor, Kom Ombo and the Philae Temple Complex. You can also add an all-inclusive resort stay to further enhance your experience.

Your deal includes all ground transportation provided in modern, air-conditioned vehicles, return transfers from the airport to the port and the hotel, an English-speaking tour guide and full-board dining. Facilities and amenities you can look forward to if you add the optional stay at the Desert Rose Resort 5* include an aqua park, a spa, a gym, a kids' club, 4 swimming pools and 16 restaurants.

What we like: We love the list of ancient sites that this travel deal includes and the option to book a stay at the Desert Rose Resort 5*.

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3. Royal Viking Nile Cruise 5*

Royal Viking Nile Cruise

Another top pick for your 7 days in Egypt itinerary is the Royal Viking Nile Cruise 5*. Your journey includes stops at Edfu, Kom Ombo, Aswan, Abu Simbel and Luxor. This fantastic travel deal finishes with an unforgettable stay at the Le Méridien Pyramids Hotel & Spa.

Your deal includes full-board dining, a qualified Egyptologist guide, direct flights to Luxor, resort transfers and evening entertainment. It also features a drinks package served between 11 a.m. and 11 p.m. that includes locally produced mineral water, juices, soft drinks, coffee, tea, beer, spirits and wine.

What we like: We love the opportunity that this tour gives you to experience the wonders of ancient Egypt while travelling in style.

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4. Discover Egypt Cruise

Discover Egypt Cruise

Select the Discover Egypt Cruise and embark on a journey to Egypt's most renowned historic sites. Stops on your tour include the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Hatshepsut, Edfu, Kom Ombo and Aswan.

This amazing travel deal includes full-board dining, flights and transfers.

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5. MS Amwaj Nile Cruise 5*

MS Amwaj Nile Cruise

The MS Amwaj Nile Cruise 5* is another outstanding choice for 7 days in Egypt. Your round-trip journey will take you to ancient sites like Luxor, the Valley of the Kings and Queens, Kom Ombo and Aswan.

This travel package includes sightseeing excursions, mineral water upon arrival, return flights with Egypt Air from Heathrow and a private return transfer from the airport. Your ship features amenities such as a gym, a steam room, a sauna, a main restaurant, a sun deck bar and a swimming pool.

What we like: We love the opportunity that this deal gives you to experience the best of ancient Egypt while enjoying the comforts of 5-star travel.

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Practical tips for visiting Egypt

UK passport holders require a visa to enter Egypt. You can apply for one through the e-visa system. They are valid for a maximum of 3 months. It is advisable to let your bank know you are planning a holiday to Egypt. This will ensure that you can make card payments. It is also important to understand that you will likely encounter situations where you need cash to make a purchase. Though you can pay with a card at many locations, many of the smaller shops do not accept them. This may also be the case at some of the attractions you plan to visit. The official currency is the Egyptian pound. ATM withdrawals are the most convenient way to take out physical cash for payments during your time in the country. While English is spoken and understood by many Egyptians, we suggest learning some key phrases in Arabic. This can be helpful to you in the interactions you have with locals outside of the major tourist areas.

When to visit Egypt

visit Egypt

Generally speaking, the best time to book 7 days in Egypt is from October to April. Travelling within this window means you will avoid the intense heat of summer while enjoying pleasant, warm conditions during the day and cool nights. Regardless of when you visit the country, you can count on enjoying plenty of sun. Note that the peak of Egypt's tourist season is from mid-October to February. If you visit during these times, you can expect larger crowds and higher accommodation prices.

How to get to Egypt

Cairo International Airport is the largest in Egypt and serves as the primary arrivals destination for the country. Other international hubs include Hurghada, Luxor and Borg El Arab International Airport in Alexandria. Direct flights out of the United Kingdom are available daily with an average in-air time of 5 hours. Private airport shuttles are the most convenient way to get to your hotel once you land. You can also take the bus or use a taxi service. The most popular ways to get to the ancient sites of Egypt include air travel, trains and buses.

What to eat in Egypt

An array of taste delights await you during your 7 days in Egypt itinerary. We have a few must-try suggestions. They include the iconic mombar. This is a type of sausage made by stuffing natural sheep casings with a mixture of beef, garlic, tomato, onion, rice and seasonings. Eggah is a baked omelette that is filled with ingredients like eggplant, zucchini, fried onions, spinach and leeks. It is seasoned with spices, such as nutmeg, cinnamon and cumin, and can be eaten any time of the day. If you are looking for dessert, try the kunafa. It consists of buttery pastry layers soaked in a simple syrup. This treat is commonly topped with clotted cream and pistachios.

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