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10 days of Greek Island Hopping: The Best Itinerary for Your Visit

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The Best Things to Do with 10 Days of Greek Island Hopping

Itinerary in Greece: day 1

The Athenian Acropolis

Athenian Acropolis

Before you head off on your unforgettable Greek island-hopping itinerary of 10 days, we recommend spending some time exploring the capital of Athens. A visit to the Acropolis is a must, as it is home to many of the country's most ancient monuments. They include the famed Parthenon as well as the Propylaea and the Erechtheon.

Explore Plaka

Plaka is one of the most iconic neighbourhoods found in Athens and a spot you simply must explore. It is known for its maze of streets, alleys and stairways and is home to a variety of unique shops, cafes, tavernas and restaurants. This is one of those places where you can get lost and enjoy every second of it.

Itinerary in Greece: day 2

The Akrotiri Archaeological Site

Located on the iconic island of Santorini, the Akrotiri Archaeological Site is one of the most unique attractions in Greece. It was a thriving port town of the ancient Minoan civilization during the Bronze Age and was destroyed in a volcanic explosion that preserved it in a manner that has led to its nickname of the Greek Pompeii.

Visit Oia Castle and catch the sunset

A great way to conclude day 2 of your Greek island-hopping itinerary of 10 days is the catch the sunset from Oia Castle in Santorini. You will be amazed at the panorama of colours that descend over the town's whitewashed houses as the sun goes down. This is a must-have experience for romantic couples on holiday.

Itinerary in Greece: day 3

The Little Venice of Mykonos


The Alefkantra district is often called the Little Venice of Mykonos. This picturesque seaside setting is the perfect place to head for a relaxing day of people-watching or for a world-class dinner that includes truly magical scenery.

Visit the Windmills

Mykonos is known for its historic windmills, which are one of the area's most iconic features. At one point, there were more than 20 of these unique structures, but now only 7 remain that are in decent condition. They offer you an outstanding opportunity for some truly fantastic photos.

Itinerary in Greece: day 4



Located on the island of Paros, the village of Lefkes is the very definition of picturesque. It is known for its narrow, cobblestone streets and views of the neighbouring island of Naxos.

Paros Park

Enjoy a rewarding hike through some of the most scenic vistas available on the island of Paros when you visit Paros Park. It is located at the island's tip and is also home to some spectacular beaches.

Itinerary in Greece: day 5

The Archaeological ?useum of Naxos

Upon your arrival to the fabulous Greek island of Naxos, you should pay the local Archaeology Museum a visit. It is located in Chora Naxos in the island's heart and features artefacts from the various civilisations that have called the region home over the past several thousand years.

Chora Naxos

The city of Chora Naxos is the main settlement on the island and home to many restaurants, shops, bars, taverns and boutiques with something for every taste out there. Spending time simply exploring is a must during your time on these Greek islands.

Itinerary in Greece: day 6

Myrtos Beach

Myrtos Beach

Finding plenty of time for the beach is a must for a Greek island-hopping itinerary of 10 days. One of the best spots is Myrtos Beach, located on the island of Kefalonia. It is known for its clear, blue waters, its golden sands and the imposing cliffs that frame it.

Melissani Cave

You will find some truly spectacular sea caves when you visit the island of Kefalonia. They are home to a glowing lagoon that looks incredible when it is hit by the sun in the early morning or evening. The site is located near the town of Sami, and there is a small fee required for entry.

Itinerary in Greece: day 7

The Palace of Knossos

Crete's iconic Palace of Knossos is one of the true wonders of the ancient world. This site was once the heart of the ancient Minoan civilization that thrived during the Bronze Age. After its collapse, the site became a focal point for many of the legends of the ancient Greeks, such as that of the Minotaur.

Samariá Gorge

Samariá Gorge is one of the top spots on the island of Crete for travellers who want to enjoy a challenging hike that is sure to get the adrenaline pumping. You will want to make sure you have rock-sturdy hiking boots if you plan to take on this challenge. The view you can enjoy from this site makes the effort worth it!

Itinerary in Greece: day 8

Agios Stefanos

Kick your day off in Syros at the Agios Stefanos. This unique chapel is built amongst the rocks along the coast. It offers amazing views and is the perfect spot to catch the sunset.


Ermoupoli is the cultural heart of the island of Syros and another must-visit spot during your time in this part of Greece. During your visit, you can check out the Apollo Theatre and the Archaeological Museum of Syros to learn more about the region's storied history.

Itinerary in Greece: day 9

The Ursuline Convent

The Ursuline Convent is one of the top attractions on the Greek island of Tinos. It was founded in 1862 and features a museum where you can explore old dormitories while viewing interesting photographs and paintings.

Agios Petros Beach

If hitting the beach sounds like a great way to spend your afternoon on the island of Tinos, you can't go wrong with Agios Petros. It is located near the village of Kardiani and is famed for its fine sands and shallow, clear waters.

Itinerary in Greece: day 10

Papafragas Beach and Caves

Papafragas Beach and Caves is a true sun-soaked paradise on the Greek island of Milos. Take the narrow path that cuts through the cliffs to a sandy stretch that is framed by crystal-clear waters.


Not to be confused with the neighbourhood in Athens, Plaka is the capital of Milos and the island's cultural hub. The main draw is the spectacular Gulf of Milos, which offers stunning views. You can also visit the unique Folklore and Sand Museum after spending a day wandering the area's narrow streets and taking in the sights and sounds.

Where to stay in Greece

1. Cyclades Island Hopping

Cyclades Island Hopping

The Cyclades Island Hopping tour is the perfect option for a getaway spent visiting some of the most iconic spots in all of Greece. You can choose between a 5, 7 or 10-night journey that will take you from Athens to the islands of Santorini, Paros and Mykonos.

This amazing deal for a Greek island-hopping itinerary of 10 days includes accommodation in a standard room, all land transfers and departures, all boat connections between Athens and the islands and breakfast throughout your tour.

What we like: We love the opportunity that this booking offers you to experience the most spectacular historic sites, beaches and towns that can be found on the Greek islands. Along the way, you will stay in hand-selected hotels that each have their own unique charm.

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2. Greek Island Hopping Sailing Adventure

Greek Island Hopping Sailing Adventure

Book the Greek Island Hopping Sailing Adventure for a truly unforgettable getaway spent on some of the country's most beloved islands. You will visit ancient villages, modern, whitewashed towns and spectacular beaches during this amazing journey.

Highlights of this incredible travel deal include time spent in Mykonos, Kinthos, Syros, Kea, Naxos and Santorini, among others. Breakfast is included for each day of this unforgettable sailing experience across the Greek islands.

What we like: We love the unique opportunity that this booking gives you to sail to some of the most beautiful spots in the Greek islands. It is the perfect way to soak up the beauty and sunshine the Cyclades are renowned for!

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3. Island Hopping Tour Around Zakynthos and Kefalonia

Island Hopping Tour Around Zakynthos and Kefalonia

When you select the Island Hopping Tour Around Zakynthos and Kefalonia, you are setting off for a Greek island-hopping itinerary of 10 days that you are sure to remember forever. You will have the opportunity to sink your feet into the soft sands of the beaches of Kefalonia and Zakynthos while sampling the best of Greek cuisine.

This deal can be booked for 8 days or 11 days and includes stops in iconic locations, such as Fiskardo Village, Drogarati Caves and Melissani Lake.

What we like: We love the chance that this tour gives you to spend time in 2 of the most charming locations in the Ionian Sea islands of Greece. In accordance with your itinerary, you will be accommodated in hand-picked 4 and 5-star hotels along the way.

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4. 10 or 12-Night Tour Through the Greek Islands

Tour Through the Greek Islands

Choose the 10 or 12-Night Tour Through the Greek Islands for an unforgettable adventure to iconic regions like Mykonos, Naxos, Paros and Santorini. Along the way, you will have ample opportunity to experience the country's finest beaches and dining opportunities while marvelling at the unique architecture and meeting friendly locals.

During this booking, you will be comfortably accommodated in a Standard Room in a series of 3 and 4-star hotels that have been carefully selected by our Voyage Privé travel team.

What we like: We love the chance that this booking gives you to experience the best of the famed Cyclades Islands of Naxos, Santorini, Paros and Mykonos. The fact that you will have the chance to delight in local seafood and Greek specialities along the way is an added bonus!

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5. Island-Hopping from Crete to Santorini in 6, 8 or 10 Nights

Island-Hopping from Crete to Santorini

Choose the Island-Hopping from Crete to Santorini in 6, 8 or 10 Nights deal for a journey that includes some of the most renowned locations that can be found on the Greek islands. Your tour includes time on the mysterious island of Crete, which is famed for its ancient wonders, and the sun-soaked island of Santorini, which is renowned for its volcanic landscapes and turquoise waters.

Your booking price includes an inter-hotel transfer service. It also includes private return transfers between Heraklion Airport, your hotel and Santorini Airport. This deal is based on a half-board stay.

What we like: We love the chance that this deal gives you to experience 2 different sides of the islands of Greece. Along the way, you will have plenty of time to soak up the local culture, try new foods and spend hours soaking up the sun on the beach.

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Practical tips for visiting Greece

A few things to note about your going on a Greek island-hopping itinerary of 10 days include the fact that the local currency is the euro and the official language is Greek. Given this fact, you should consider learning a few common phrases in Greek. You will want to make sure you bring along your travel plug adapters if you plan to bring along any of your electronics that require a UK outlet/plug. Packing comfortable, seasonal clothing and high-quality footwear is also a must if you plan on doing a lot of walking to see the country's most iconic historic sites.

Visit Greek Islands

When to visit Greece

Given the Mediterranean climate that Greece is known for, it is always a great time to visit the country. With that said, going in the summer is perfect for sun-seekers who want to spend plenty of time on the beach. If you want to avoid the biggest crowds, hottest temperatures and highest prices, you may consider a getaway during the off-season. Autumn and spring bookings are preferred by many travellers.

How to get to Greece

Given the regular availability of flights out of the United Kingdom to the top international airports in Greece, it is easy to arrange travel for your Greek island-hopping itinerary of 10 days through Voyage Privé. Direct bookings are available daily out of cities like London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, and Bristol, among others. Upon landing, your ground transportation options include taxi services, car hire, ferries and bus routes.

What to eat in Greece

To truly make the most out of your Greek island-hopping itinerary of 10 days, you will want to sample the best cuisine that this iconic Mediterranean country has to offer. Some of the must-try dishes include fresh fish and seafood, moussaka, souvlaki, dolmades, courgette balls and the tastiest local olives and olive oil. We recommend having an open mind and sampling some dishes that you have never tried before. You might just discover a new favourite and one that you will miss once you have returned home.

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