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Last Minute Caravan Breaks

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Why choose last minute caravan breaks?

Choosing to go on a last-minute caravan break is a great way to see the UK without stressing about flights or accommodation. Holidaying by caravan will give you far greater freedom and flexibility for your holiday. You can spend as much time in a location as you need, with the added convenience of having your accommodation travelling with you wherever you go. There are many exciting districts in the UK suitable for a caravan break, so here is our guide to some of the best regions to visit.

The Voyage Privé travel expert's opinion on last minute caravan breaks

The biggest advantage of going on a last-minute caravan break is the ability to travel with full independence. While this means you will need to be self-sufficient and take responsibility for yourself and your holiday environment, the freedom to travel at your own pace cannot be understated. The added convenience of your accommodation travelling with you is a huge bonus and will give you an added level of comfort and confidence as you explore the many different regions of the UK at your leisure.

The top 10 regions in the UK to visit for last minute caravan breaks

1. Cornwall

Situated at the most southwestern point of the UK, Cornwall's rugged coastline, mild climate, picturesque beaches and seaside towns are a major tourist draw. Being one of the most popular holiday destinations in the UK, Cornwall has a number of well-appointed holiday and caravan parks available. Sandymouth, Hendra and Praa Sands are highly recommended, but there are many others to choose from.

Trewhiddle Village 4*

2. East Anglia

Comprising of the counties of Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex, East Anglia features sandy beaches, tranquil inland waterways, quaint villages and towns, along with fascinating ancient history. Caravan parks are available throughout the East Anglian region, both inland and on the coast. Some of the highly recommended parks are Heachem Beach, Kessingland Beach and Southview.

3. Peak District National Park

One of the first national parks established in the UK, the Peak District is a 1440 square km area of scenic diversity in central England, with dramatic cliffs and hills rising over mist-covered moorland. Among the hiking trails, waterfalls and old country houses that make up this region, there is an excellent choice of caravan parks available for your stay, including Sandybrook, Darwin Forest and Lime Tree Park.

4. Lake District National Park

Located within the county of Cumbria in England's north-west, the Lake District is a picturesque region of soaring mountains, serene rivers and lakes and beautiful forest trails. 15 million visitors flock to the Lake District each year, making it one of the most popular national parks in the UK. The area includes over 30 caravan parks to choose from, including top of the range options like Avon Wood, Lymfitt and Stanwix Park.

5. Yorkshire

As England's largest county, Yorkshire has a diverse range of sights to attract any traveller. From the expansive beauty of the Yorkshire Dales and the North York Moors, to historic sites in York and its surrounding townships and villages, Yorkshire has much to offer. Yorkshire's size is well-matched by its volume of quality caravan parks. Thornwick Bay and Skipsea Sands are recommended for seaside holidays, and Tollerton and Allerton are ideally located for visiting the Dales, Moors or York itself.

Yorkshire Dales by Natural Retreats 4*

6. Scottish Highlands

The Highlands of Scotland are famous for their spectacular scenery, being featured as a backdrop in many TV shows and movies. With the soaring range of the Grampian Mountains towering over massive freshwater lochs, the Highlands are a majestic wilderness just begging to be explored. There are many caravan parks available throughout the Highlands, including at Glen Nevis, Loch Ness and Kinloch on the Isle of Skye.

7. Snowdonia

Lying on the northwestern part of Wales, Snowdonia is the largest national park in the country. Formed over several ice ages, Snowdonia's landscape is a mix of towering mountain ranges and deep valleys, making this destination popular with hikers and other visitors. Some of the most favoured camping parks in Snowdonia include Barmouth Bay, Hafan y Môr and Aberdunant Hall, all of which are well-located bases for discovering the sights of Snowdonia.

8. Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight lies a short distance off the southern coast of England and is easily reached with your caravan by ferry. The island has been a popular tourist destination for almost 200 years, boasting a mild climate that complements its summer festivals, sandy beaches, and unspoiled landscape. Caravan parks are abundant on the Isle of Wight, with Whitecliff Bay, Nodes Point and Lower Hyde being among the most popular ones.

Practical information about last minute caravan breaks

When is the best time to choose a last minute caravan break?

While spring and summer seasons are generally the best time for taking a last-minute caravan break, it is a good idea to be aware of the average climate of the region you are travelling to. That said, peak season will bring increased volumes of travellers, so it is highly recommended that you check ahead to ensure your desired caravan park has vacancies available. It is also worth researching the best ways to travel to and from your park, especially during high season when there are extra crowds on the roads.

What should I budget when planning a last minute caravan break?

While you will save on hotel accommodation and flights when taking your last-minute caravan break, there are other costs you should consider. You will need to budget for fuel for transport to and from your destination, as well as any other expenses such as road tolls and ferries. Some caravan parks will provide additional facilities such as dining options, however, it is best to be self-sufficient, bringing as many supplies as you feel you will need. Finally, set aside extra funds for any additional activities or potential emergencies that may arise.

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