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Last minute Caribbean holidays that will leave you in awe

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Book last minute deals to the Caribbean with Voyage Prive and discover more about the pristine beaches, crystal clear waters and unforgettable sunsets.

Endless pristine beaches

Take a minute to picture the Caribbean in your mind; no doubt the first things you consider are gorgeous, sandy beaches and stunning, crystal clear waters. Visiting any one of the islands will give you exactly that and you will be awed that such beautiful locations even exist on Earth. For many, visiting one of the islands means the perfect opportunity to spend long days relaxing on the beach with a book or a nice big cocktail. Alternatively, enjoy the sun but do so with more style from your own private pool at your luxury villa in St Martin or the Dominican Republic. Temperatures in the summer months continually exceed 30 degrees and, with a slight breeze on the air, you’ll start wondering why you’d ever want to leave.

What else can you do all day

Following on from the turquoise waters, many honeymooners and holidaymakers use their holidays to the Caribbean as the perfect chance to try out some water sports. Seven Mile Beach in Jamaica is just one example of such a location where guests enjoy scuba diving and exploring some of the most beautiful reefs and marine life in the world. Of course, for a bit more excitement you can go jet skiing, parasailing or kitesurfing. Inland, every island is dotted with spots perfect for rock climbing, swimming, rafting and jumping into waterfalls. Shopping for luxury items is incredibly popular in the Caribbean as island such as Bermuda have no sales tax, meaning you can pick up great deals on jewellery and clothing that you’d never find back home.

Romantic evenings in the sun

There’s a reason why the Caribbean is so popular with honeymooners, and that’s because it’s one of the most romantic destinations available. In the evening, you can enjoy a beachside meal with wine and locally caught seafood while watching the sun set across the sea. Every night you’ll be able to find bustling nightlife on some part of the island where you can enjoy a few more cocktails and listen to live reggae music with the locals. It’s fair to say that last minute Caribbean holidays are for everyone, from young couples to newlyweds to families. With so much on offer and so many islands to visit, there will never be a boring moment in paradise.

The Caribbean is most affordable and enjoyable in luxury accommodation nestled away from the crowds, offering you true peace and serenity. The best way to get these last minute Caribbean deals is by signing up to our exclusive mailing list to receive notifications of exclusive flash deals as soon as they become available.

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