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Kos Island Holidays

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Kos Island, the third largest of Greece’s Dodecanese islands, is a place of idyllic Mediterranean life offering a chance to explore classical Greek antiquity. Dating back 5000 years, Kos has a wealth of ancient history to uncover: from the ruins of the ancient Greeks to the medieval castles of crusader knights. In addition, the island’s temperate climate and sandy beaches make it an attractive destination for travellers looking to unwind and relax. Whatever your reason to visit Kos, there’s plenty of opportunities to maximise your stay.

The Top 8 Things to Do on Kos Island

1. Asklepieion

Built by the ancient Greeks around the 3rd century BCE, this vast temple complex was erected to honour Asclepius, the god of healing. It served as both a place of worship and medical centre and is believed to be where Hippocrates practised medicine. Undiscovered until 1902, these ancient ruins provide a fascinating insight into ancient Greek life on Kos Island.

2. Antimachia

Near the centre of Kos Island lies the picturesque village of Antimachia. Explore the traditional houses and streets, visit the 14th-century Venetian castle and old stone windmill, and be entertained by Antimachia’s traditional dancing.

3. Kos Town

The capital of Kos Island, Kos Town has a distinct style combining ancient with modern. Visit the 14th-century Neratzia Castle built by the Knights of Saint John, the excavated remains of Kos’s Ancient Agora and various antiques in the Archaeological Museum. Afterwards, enjoy the many shops, cafes and bars that dot the pedestrian walkway, and after sunset experience Kos Town’s nightclubs for a lively night out.

4. Beaches

Kos Island is famed for its many sandy beaches, which range from the popular and family-friendly to quiet and secluded. The clear blue waters and idyllic scenery of Paradise Beach on the island’s south make it one of the most popular. For those who enjoy swimming or sunbathing, Kos Island is a perfect destination.

5. Casa Romana

Uncovered in the 1930s, this Roman villa has been restored to how it looked in the 2nd century CE. The villa features many ornate statues, frescoes and mosaics that shed light into life on Kos during the Roman period. The perfectly preserved Roman Odeon, Gymnasium and Baths found near Casa Romana are also worth visiting.

6. Palio Pyli

Within the volcanic mountains of Kos lies the abandoned village of Palio Pyli. Once the capital of Kos, this village was founded in the 11th century and inhabited until the early 19th century. Explore both the ruins of this former village along with those of a nearby 9th-century castle, all against the backdrop of the Aegean Sea.

7. Plaka Forest

If you are looking for a quiet place to relax and rejuvenate, Plaka Forest is a serene location far removed from the activity in Kos Town. Shady pine trees and cool springs make this an attractive place to visit, along with tame wildlife including peacocks and terrapins. Plaka Forest is ideal for a stroll or family picnic.

8. Therma Hot Springs

For relaxation of a different kind, hot springs on the eastern side of Kos have created a popular swimming location for locals and visitors alike. Therma Hot Springs are heated pools rich in calcium, potassium and magnesium and said to alleviate a variety of ailments. The springs are popular throughout the day and even at night.

Our best hotels for Kos Island holidays

Michelangelo Resort and Spa 5*

This resort on Agios Fokas beach boasts panoramic views of the Aegean Sea, an infinity pool, on-site spa and private beach. All rooms are furnished with modern comforts and feature glorious sea views.

White Rock of Kos 5*

Located within the scenic town of Keflos, this adults-only resort features a spa and fitness studio, outdoor pool, and top-quality restaurant. Each suite offers both comfort and privacy, with the option of an outdoor jacuzzi.

Diamond Deluxe Hotel 5*

Only a short walk from the sights of Kos Town, this adults-only contemporary resort combines sustainable, eco-friendly design with modern elegance. All rooms and suites offer top-of-the-range luxury and design and is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the atmosphere.

When is the best time to go on holiday on Kos Island

Having a Mediterranean climate, Kos Island has warm, sunny days throughout summer and into early autumn. The best months for sun-lovers are June through September, although be prepared for larger crowds and higher prices. November through March, although less popular due to cooler and sometimes wet weather, does offer the chance of better deals.

Planning your holiday on Kos Island

Flights from Athens to Kos International Airport take approximately one hour, although other routes are available from throughout the Greek islands and other select European cities. As the drive to Kos Town takes approximately 30 minutes, it is recommended you either hire a car or take a taxi. The bus service to Kos Town departs close to the terminal entrance.
There is also a ferry service that runs between Athens and Kos taking approximately 12 hours. Ferry routes are available from other Greek islands, the closest being Patmos which takes 2-3 hours.

Getting the most out of Kos Island holidays

Kos caters to all traveller tastes: there are activities available for families, couples, and solo travellers. If you enjoy warm weather and beach-going, then Kos will be the most suitable choice. Depending on how much you want to experience, your Kos holiday can range from just a few days to a week or two. For longer holidays Kos can be added into an island hopper package, allowing you to explore even more of the Greek islands.

The Voyage Privé travel expert’s opinion on Kos Island

Kos Island is a perfect destination for those looking to enjoy a sunny holiday in a scenic Mediterranean setting. Though generally more laid-back than some other Greek islands, Kos still offers plenty of excitement with its vibrant atmosphere and nightlife. Lovers of history and culture will also enjoy exploring Kos’s many traditional villages as well as the wealth of classical and medieval locations.

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