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The world is your oyster with holidays from Stansted

Whether you're planning a short break or a more substantial trip, booking your holidays from Stansted can be the perfect gateway to your luxury vacation.

An ideal launchpad

Conveniently located for those in the Greater London area and beyond, Stansted plays host to a wide range of airlines that serve destinations all over Europe, as well as further afield. This makes it an excellent starting point for almost any getaway that you can dream up.

Hop across the Channel

If you're looking for a wonderful destination that doesn't involve a long-haul flight, France is an excellent choice, with cities and picturesque countryside that offer something for everyone. You can enjoy excellent food and drink, soak up the country's rich cultural life, or relax on its superb Mediterranean beaches. With so much to choose from, why not book now from a range of carefully chosen holidays to France offers? With exceptional discounts, your luxurious French holiday could be closer than you think.

A confluence of cultures

Historically a meeting point of civilisations, Turkey has a huge amount to offer potential visitors on holidays from Stanstead, both in terms of culture and leisure opportunities. From dazzling beaches and blue waves to the imposing grandeur of Byzantine architecture, there is never a dull moment in this fascinating country. If you want to unwind and indulge, then the spa town of Pamukkale is a must-visit. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988, it is famous for its mineral-rich hot springs and exceptionally well-preserved archaeology of the ancient city Hierapolis, offering visitors the unique opportunity to bathe like a Roman. Of course, no visit to Turkey would be complete without sampling its gastronomical delights: whether it's fine coffee, the eponymous Turkish delight or delicious grilled meats, this cultural melting pot is not short on wonderful cuisine. So why not book your holidays to Turkey this year and let this intoxicating country whisk you away?

Hygge and more...

Denmark regularly tops lists of happiest countries, and it's not hard to see why. Take a little time out in Copenhagen's fairytale Tivoli Gardens and enjoy a glass of the local glogg (a mulled red wine punch, normally served warm), or curl up in a cozy cafe to find out why the Danish concept of hygge (a word with no exact translation, but that the Oxford English Dictionary defines as "comfortable conviviality") is taking the well-being world by storm. Or you could visit some of the hundreds of islands dotted around the country. Whether they're tiny, uninhabited specks on the map or big enough to host their own towns and cities, each has a unique atmosphere and allows you to see more of Danish life and culture. So take a look at some of the possibilities: all with our exclusive offers on holidays to Denmark, of course.

Whether you plan on dipping your toe into French culture, soaking up the sun in Turkey or relaxing in Denmark, sign up with us to receive fanastic offers on holidays from Stanstead to a range of exotic locations with luxurious hotels.

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