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Holidays to Cuba from London

Thinking about where to go on holiday this year? Why not choose from our varied selection of holidays to Cuba from London?

The world is your oyster

With international travel being the cheapest it has ever been, now is the time to book that dream holiday. Travel straight from London, with no worries or hassle to hold you back. Our dedicated team will hand craft a holiday to Cuba from London to your specifications, there will be no need to compromise on comfort or style. Plus you can save a bundle, up to 70%, if you sign up and see the range of brilliant offers we have online for you. From brief excursions and vibrant city breaks, to relaxing beach holidays.

Travel back in time to Old Havana

Cuba is an utterly fascinating destination, and it has so much more to offer than just resorts and classic cars. It is changing at a fast pace with the lifting of economic sanctions, so book without delay. Soon you will be wandering around astonishingly well-preserved Old Havana, marvelling at the beautiful, colonial architecture, walking across grand cobbled squares with enormous archways. Havana, Trinidad, Camagüey and Cienfuegos are all UNESCO-listed cities, but how many of those have you actually heard of? It won't be long before you are regaling friends and colleagues with tales from that time you were dining al fresco in the winter sun of Cienfuegos, the Paris of Cuba, or hopping between the art galleries of Camagüey. For the outdoorsy sorts there is dense forest to trek through in the central region of the island, and a rich ecosystem of animals and wildlife to get up close and personal with. There are palm lined beaches to relax on after a long day of scuba diving and boat trips.

A taste of the Caribbean

Set your taste-buds alive with a delightful cuisine that varies over the stretch of the island. Cuban cuisine is an exciting mix of Spanish, African, and Taino (Native American) influences, similar to what you might find in the Dominican Republic. Try a classic Cuban sandwich washed down with a shot of Havana Rum, or a dish of fried plantains, rice, and spicy chicken. Afterwards you can relax on the beach with a Mojito in one hand, and a platter of juicy Caribbean fruit in the other.

What reason do you have to say no?

With only excellent 4 and 5 star hotels to choose from, our holidays to Cuba from London will provide you with a little bit of luxury in one of the most exciting, emerging tourist destinations. Sign up to breeze through exclusive offers that will allow you to travel back in time.

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