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Food holidays and gourmet breaks

Everyone needs to eat, but some of us simply LOVE to eat. If you're anything like us then there will be nothing more you enjoy than the ability to taste incredible food while travelling. We'd all like to take a year off to go gallivanting around France and Italy to taste and try everything on offer, but it's not practical for most of us. Whether you want to sample seafood from the Greek islands, rejoice with Rioja in Spain, chill with cheese in France, or try something a little off the beaten track, we have you covered with a huge variety of handpicked deals – with luxurious hotels added in for good measure! Our trips range from weekend city breaks to much longer holidays, so all you have to do is choose your destination; to get your mouth watering, we've put together a little smorgasbord of ideas.

Eating for the weekend

Is a weekend all you can really spare? Well, why not take a city break to somewhere synonymous with food? We could of course suggest Paris, Rome, Naples or one of many obvious options here, but we are here to help you discover the less well-known culinary cities. If we are talking Europe, why not look to somewhere like Barcelona, with its world famous restaurants and beautiful food markets like la Boqueria? For fish, let's go more Atlantic, with perhaps Seville or Lisbon – both are a little more unusual but boast beautiful hotels and amazing produce. In Copenhagen, Michelin-starred restaurants have really cemented the city's foodie reputation, making it a great year-round option, but other Scandinavian cities like Stockholm and Bergen are also worth looking at. If your mind is heading more towards wine, beer and cake then we'd also suggest the gorgeous Vienna – just make sure you have a little room for your waistline to expand!

Longer adventures

Oh to spend a fortnight on the Adriatic coast, sit in little tavernas in Greece, or tour the Tuscan countryside... Wouldn't it be marvellous? Well, why wouldn't you? These are all distinct possibilities for you – it simply all depends on what your taste buds want to try. You could even go more off-piste and spend some time chowing down on spicy delights somewhere like Jamaica or Barbados, try noodles and dim sum in Hong Kong, or go on a trip to sample the culinary delights of the American Deep South. When it comes to having culinary holidays, the world is your oyster, and we can help by making your hotel choice even easier. With our hand-picked luxury deals, we take all the hard work out by selecting only the best four and five star hotels for you to choose from.

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