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Chill out on an Antarctica Holiday

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Antarctica holidays offer all the beauty of nature in an unspoilt environment that is teeming with fascinating wildlife and places to visit.

Antarctica, a haven of natural beauty and fascinating places to visit

One of the fascinating things about Antarctica holidays is that they provide visitors with miles of breathtaking scenery and a huge diversity of wildlife. If your initial ideas about Antarctica revolve around freezing temperatures and snow-covered landscapes, you really do need to think again. Located for all intents and purposes at the bottom of the world when seen on a globe map, Antarctica’s summer temperatures can reach just short of 60F (15C).

Plenty to see and do on Antarctica holidays

You may want to pack your swim shorts because there are, believe it or not, places where the water is warm enough to swim in. Huge tracts of the area are designated as a natural reserve and are internationally recognised as such. From volcanoes and penguins to some of the world’s largest glaciers and icebergs, Antarctica holidays have everything you need for the trip of a lifetime. Whether you want to get close to wildlife or just take in the stunning scenery, you won’t be disappointed.

Taking in the sights on Antarctica holidays

The breathtaking beauty of the Lemaire Channel is best summed up as a meeting of water and sky. Catching the sun on the crystal waters and seeing the stunning scenery reflected in it provides a once in a lifetime picture you will just have to take. If you prefer to get up close and personal there are plenty of mini cruises that will take you to see some of the world’s largest icebergs.

Getting up close and personal with the wildlife on Antarctica holidays

Penguins and seals are synonymous with Antarctica and no trip would be complete without a chance to get right up close to them. Visitors can walk among some of the biggest penguin colonies in the world and there are certain to be some incredible photoshoot opportunities. It goes almost without mention that wherever there are penguins and seals, there will also be Orca Whales, and at the same time every year they arrive to hunt.

Touching base with the great outdoors on Antarctica holidays

The area known as Deception Bay exists as a result of a volcanic eruption that took place over 10,000 years ago and the resultant cooling of the molten rock created a natural bay. The still active volcano heats the water in the bay creating a naturally heated swimming pool. Along with kayaking and camping, there are more than enough “close to nature” opportunities on Antarctica holidays to occupy even the most avid fans of the great outdoors. To make this a truly memorable holiday, take a look at our members only, handpicked hotels at amazing prices.

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