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3 Days in Copenhagen: The Best Itinerary for Your Visit

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The Best Things to Do with 3 Days in Copenhagen

Itinerary in Copenhagen: day 1

Explore the historic city centre


Start your Copenhagen itinerary of 3 days off in the city's historic centre. This is the perfect way to get a feel for what this world-class city has to offer you as a traveller. We recommend taking a relaxing walk along Frederiksborggade until you arrive at Slotsholmen Island. It is home to many of the area's most iconic buildings, such as the Royal Danish Library, Christiansborg Palace, and Thorvaldsens Museum. After you are done admiring the impressive architecture, stop by one of the nearby restaurants or cafés that dot the district and grab a bite to eat.

Christiansborg Palace

Christiansborg Palace

Located on Slotsholmen, you will find the stunning Christiansborg Palace. Although the current structure dates to 1928, the site has a history that dates back 800 years. For centuries, the kings and queens of Denmark have ruled from this location. These days, it is used for official events and is open for tours. During your visit, check out the Great Hall and the Royal Reception Room. You can also go to the top of the palace's tower for one of the city's best views.

Itinerary in Copenhagen: day 2



Nyhavn is Copenhagen's historic waterfront district. It is located next to a canal from the 17th century where old wooden ships are moored. Both sides of the canal are lined with tall, colourfully painted houses from the 15th and 16th centuries. The bottom levels of these buildings feature an array of shops, restaurants, bars and cafés. This is the perfect place to head for a coffee in the morning or dinner in the evening. Take a good camera with you, as you will find plenty of opportunities to take photos as you explore this location that is often used in postcards.

The National Museum of Denmark

The National Museum of Denmark is another must-visit spot for your Copenhagen itinerary of 3 days. Its extensive collections include artefacts that include Gothic and Romanesque church fittings, historic coins, Danish silver and porcelain and a bronze statue known as the Sun Chariot that is more than 3,000 years old. Other points of interest include collections of classical and near eastern antiquities. They include marble figurines from ancient Greece and Egyptian mummies.

Itinerary in Copenhagen: day 3

The Botanical Garden

Copenhagen's Botanical Garden is located on a 10-hectare plot of land in the heart of the city. The facility was first established in 1600. It has been relocated twice before it arrived a the current location. It features glasshouses that date to the 1870s. There are more than 13,000 different species of plants on display at the gardens. This is the perfect spot to head to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city as you enjoy the final day of your break.

Explore the city's dining and nightlife

Conclude your Copenhagen itinerary of 3 days with an evening spent exploring the city's best dining and nightlife. We suggest heading to Jægersborggade. This is one of the city's most vibrant streets. It is home to a variety of restaurants, cafés and bars. Studiestræde is another corner of Copenhagen that is perfect for a memorable night out. You will have no problem finding a dining option to suit your tastes. This is the case whether you are looking for traditional Danish fare or you want to order international cuisine. After dinner, explore the city's range of bars and nightclubs. A few recommendations include Skovbar, Mikkeller & Friends, BRUS and Café Runddelen. If you are looking for a club where you can dance the night away, check out Sigurdsgade and RUST.

Places to visit around Copenhagen


The pretty fishing village of Dragør is one of the most popular day trip options you can enjoy during your Copenhagen itinerary of 3 days. It is located just 22 minutes to the southeast. During your visit, we suggest exploring the charming streets that are lined with thatched cottages. There is also a picturesque harbour area for you to explore. Dragør Museum is another highlight of the area. It is located in one of the oldest houses in town and focuses on focuses on the region's history. Explore thematic exhibitions that focus on life in the area and its maritime tradition. There is an exhibit that delves into the ways that war has shaped the story of Dragør. You can also view a pair of spectacular paintings by famed Danish artist C.W. Eckersberg.



Another recommended excursion near Copenhagen is the Swedish city of Malmö. To get there, head 45 minutes southeast down the E20. Along the way, you will cross the stunning Øresund Bridge that connects the 2 countries. The area is known for its offering of cultural, dining and shopping experiences. Recommended experiences include a scenic canal cruise and an exploration of districts like Lilla Torget and Stora Torget. You can also tour Malmöhus Castle. Though a previous citadel originally occupied the site, the current structure dates to the 1530s. It was further expanded in 1607.

The Cliffs of Møn

The Cliffs of Møn (Møns Klint) are just under 2 hours south of Copenhagen. They are located on an island that bears the same name. At 128 meters above sea level, the cliffs are the highest in Demark. During your visit, you can check out the GeoCenter Møns Klint. The museum focuses on the natural and geologic history of the region. There are 20-plus activities you can enjoy as you learn about the past 70 million years of Denmark's past.

Frederiksborg Castle

Frederiksborg Castle

We also recommend visiting Frederiksborg Castle during your Copenhagen itinerary of 3 days. It is located 36 minutes to the city's northwest and was built in the 17th century by King Christian IV. The castle sits on 3 islets within the Castle Lake in Hillerød. It has housed the Museum of National History since 1878, where you can learn about some 500 years of Danish history while viewing an impressive collection of paintings, portraits and furniture. Another notable point of interest within the grounds is the Frederiksborg Castle Chapel. It is renowned for its breathtaking altarpiece that is adorned with silver and gold.

Where to stay in Copenhagen

1. Skt Petri 5*

Skt Petri

The Skt Petri 5* features 288 well-appointed rooms. This luxurious hotel is notable for its stylish décor and offers true 5-star service in the heart of Copenhagen.

During your stay, you will be comfortably accommodated in a super room with breakfast served daily. On-site facilities and amenities include a 24-hour reception desk, transfer services, Wi-Fi, a gym, in-room massages, a sauna, a steam bath and 4 restaurants. Rooms are furnished with a safe, air conditioning, a mini-bar, a hairdryer and a desk.

What we like: We love the contrast between this 5-star property's stylish décor and its old town surroundings. The extensive range of facilities adds to the experience you can look forward to.

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2. Zoku Copenhagen 4*

Zoku Copenhagen

An amazing getaway awaits when you select the Zoku Copenhagen 4* for your 3-day itinerary. The property features a chic restaurant and a rooftop garden that offers stunning views of the Danish capital.

Hotel features include outdoor and indoor parking, a laundry service, air conditioning, a lift, Wi-Fi, the Living Kitchen Restaurant, the Kindred Spirits Bar, a library and a shop. Rooms are furnished with a kettle, a safe, a kitchen, a coffee machine, a microwave and a hairdryer.

What we like: Excellent services make this 4-star property the perfect base of operations for an amazing Copenhagen itinerary of 3 days.

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3. Hotel Kong Arthur 4*

Hotel Kong Arthur

Choose from 155 guestrooms when you book the Hotel Kong Arthur 4* for your Copenhagen itinerary of 3 days. The property is located in a 19th-century building in one of the city's finest neighbourhoods. During your stay, you will be accommodated in a superior room or a junior suite with a Nordic breakfast served daily.

The hotel's amenities and services include a lift, luggage storage, a 24-hour reception desk, outdoor parking, Wi-Fi, the Lounge & Lobby Bar, La Rocca Restaurant, a spa, a fitness centre, a bike rental service and a hammam. Rooms come equipped with a TV, a kettle and a courtesy tray of tea and coffee.

What we like: We love this beautiful property's convenient proximity to top attractions around Copenhagen and its range of luxurious facilities.

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4. Ibsens Hotel

Ibsens Hotel

Located in one of the city's top districts, the Ibsens Hotel is home to 118 well-appointed rooms and is a top recommendation for a Copenhagen itinerary of 3 days. The property is ideally positioned for a holiday spent exploring the region's most iconic locations.

Voyage Privé members will be accommodated in a standard large room with breakfast served each morning. On-site facilities and amenities include outdoor parking, a lift, luggage storage, Wi-Fi and a bike rental service. Rooms feature a kettle, a hairdryer, a TV and a shower.

What we like: We love the range of dining facilities available on-site and the excellent location of this popular property.

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5. ProfilHotels Copenhagen Plaza 4*

ProfilHotels Copenhagen Plaza

Choose the ProfilHotels Copenhagen Plaza 4* for a stay in the heart of the city. The historic property is close to the Danish capital's most visited landmarks and offers stunning views of the famed Tivoli Gardens.

Facilities at the hotel include a laundry service, a multilingual staff, luggage storage, a lift, Wi-Fi, a 24-hour reception desk, the Library Bar, Angelini Restaurants and a fitness centre. Rooms come equipped with a kettle, a mini-fridge, a safe, a hairdryer and a TV.

What we like: This property combines an excellent location with an impressive range of services and amenities.

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Practical tips for visiting Copenhagen

We have some key tips to help you enjoy a Copenhagen itinerary of 3 days that meets your expectations. Our first suggestion is to plan your visit before you arrive. The city offers a huge list of things to see and do, but 3 days are enough to get a lot of it in. It is also worth noting that though Danish is the official language, English is spoken by the majority of Danes. The local currency is the krone. During your holiday, you should have no issue paying with a card. If you do need to take out cash, the best option is to use an ATM at a Danish bank. Pack a high-quality pair of walking shoes so you can explore the city on foot during your visit. This part of Denmark experiences an average of 169 rainy days per year, so you should consider taking appropriate gear. You will also need a travel plug adapter if you plan to use any electronics that require a UK outlet.

When to visit Copenhagen

visit Copenhagen

March to August is the best time to visit Copenhagen in terms of weather conditions. The summer months enjoy the warmest temperatures. There are also many large-scale events during the season. With that said, many travellers prefer bookings in spring or autumn to avoid the largest crowds and the highest accommodation prices.

How to get to Copenhagen

Flights leave travel hubs across the UK for Copenhagen International Airport daily. The average in-air time is around 1 hour and 45 minutes. Upon landing, the best way to get to your hotel is to take the metro or the train. You can also take the bus or use a taxi service. Given its compact centre, Copenhagen is a highly walkable city that is easy to explore on foot. If you plan on going on any day trips, you may consider hiring a car for an added level of convenience.

What to eat in Copenhagen

Sampling local Danish specialities is a big part of the fun of booking a Copenhagen itinerary of 3 days. The city offers a huge range of eateries serving everything from traditional food and elegant cuisine to international fare. A few recommendations for you to try include fiskefrikadeller. These mouth-watering fishcakes are fried to perfection and served by themselves or as an open-faced sandwich. Pickled herring is another typical Danish dish to enjoy during your holiday. It is generally accompanied by raw onion, capers and dill. You should also delight your tastebuds with some stegt flæsk. This is Denmark's national dish. It consists of fried pork belly served with potatoes and parsley sauce. If you want a sweet treat. try the hindbærsnitter (Danish raspberry slices). These tasty pasties are filled with raspberry jam and topped with icing. They go perfectly with a cup of coffee.

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