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Holidays to Zagreb
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Zagreb holidays

Enjoy a city break which ticks all the boxes, with a charming, cosmopolitan urban setting coupled with opportunities for outdoor activities in all seasons.

If you are looking for the best last minute deals on holidays to Zagreb, you have come to the right place for budget friendly offers. You will find that Zagreb can strike the perfect balance for a break at any time of the year. In the summer, the days will fly by with walks around the busy city, which is packed full of museums and galleries, and plenty of opportunities for a pit stop in one of the many cafes. Nightlife in Zagreb offers a wide selection of theatres, concerts and lively bars, while if you dedicate a day to the Jarun Lake, there are all manner of watersports on offer, as well as the opportunity for a relaxing sail.

In the colder months of the year, the mix of socialist and Austro-Hungarian architecture is no less fascinating, but there is also the slopes of Mount Medvednica calling you. The great thing is that this ski resort is accessible with only a bus or tram ride, meaning you can be back to the city in time for a glass of Ožujsko or something stronger.

There is a long list of historical sites for you to visit in Zagreb, but don't worry; they are all impressive and intriguing.

Zagreb has a truly unique feel thanks to its stunning building structures, and among the most revered are the heritage attractions in the city. These include Zagreb Cathedral, which is known as the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The site dates back to the 1200s and the design today has retained many of the medieval features. Then there is the Gornji Grad and the Church of St. Mark's, nestled in the cobbled streets of what can be seen as Zagreb's old city. This is a charming part of town which includes the Dolac fruit and vegetable market. And don't forget about the Museum of Mimara, which is home to an archaeological collection containing pieces from around the world including Ancient Egypt.

The choice of hotels we offer in Zagreb mean that you will be within touching distance of the most famous cultural attractions, many of which you can reach by foot. Facilities inside the hotels, including spas and private swimming pools, mean that if you want to take it easy indoors, all the leisure options are there.

Up on the mountain or down on the lake? In Zagreb, you have the choice of outdoor activities in both winter and summer.

Mount Medvednica provides the opportunity for Zagreb visitors to enjoy skiing without having to travel to a remote location. They can enjoy all the perks of a city-based break, while breathing in the fresh mountain top air on any day they choose. With three ski lifts and four kilometres of slopes, there is enough action to excite the experienced or rookie skier. And if you are a snowboarder, there is also plenty of fun awaiting you! In the summer, Mount Medvednica becomes a climbing haven. For those of a fearless disposition, there is even the option of skydiving.

In contrast to the peak, Jarun Lake offers a beautiful aquatic accompaniment to your Zagreb break. All sorts of watersports take place on the water; from rowing to windsurfing and swimming. Jarun Lake also has a large track around its edges, meaning a bike ride can be just as enjoyable during the summer. Visit the Wake Park to enjoy the high octane fun of wakeboarding, and even try some jump tricks if you can. There is also a big social scene around the lake, and you can enjoy yourself in the restaurants and bars late on into the night. The Paoroo Cocktail Bar is one of the most noted drinking spots in the Jarun Lake area, offering a great spot to enjoy some lakeside beverages with family or friends.

Stay close to the attractions in Gornji Grad

You can rely on the hotels which are available through our budget friendly offers to put you right in the heart of Zagbreb, ideally based near the most popular historical attractions which are based in the old town. That means you won't have to hire cabs all over town and can take relaxing strolls to the historical sites, museums and galleries which you want to visit.

Gornji Grad can be seen as a 'non negotiable' part of Zagreb to check out, situated on a hillside district in the north of the city. The Gornji Grad district can be split into two areas - Kaptol and Gradec - which form what is known in English as 'Upper Town'. You can find the cathedral, Croatian Parliament and St Mark's Church all located in this area. There is even a pedestrian street which seems entirely dedicated to cafes - Tkal?i?eva - meaning you certainly don't need to go short of a refreshment in Gornji Grad. Due to the narrow roads in the district, it can actually be more convenient for holidaymakers to walk rather than take a taxi or public transport.

Zagreb holidays advice

There is no right or wrong time to visit Zagreb and take advantage of your special deals on Croatia getaways. Autumn certainly isn't too cold to enjoy outdoor activities, spring can have some beautiful days, and the heat of summer is not stifling. In the winter, temperatures can plummet to freezing, but for the many skiers who visit Mount Medvednica, that needn't be a problem. Just be sure to take all your thermals if you are visiting during this time of year. For a city, Zagreb has the reputation for being laid back, meaning you shouldn't expect service to be speedy the whole time, so enjoy the relaxed atmosphere around town!

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