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Holidays to Venice

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Holidays in Venice, Queen of the Adriatic

Be stunned by the best of Venice: see the canals and bridges in luxury with our unique offers.

Venice is one of the most beautiful and strikingly unique cities in the world; so much so that its name is used as a benchmark for other canal cities to aspire to. Once a republic in itself, the city had a prominent role in the European Renaissance and its influence can be felt the world over, from the city replicas of Las Vegas to the canal-based infrastructure of Amsterdam and Bruges. Venice is a city that has enchanted humankind for centuries. Our unique offers allow you to stay in style, luxury and affordability in this wonderful location, so join us today for our fabulous offers.

The City of Water

The aspect of the city to which it owes most of its fame, Venice is dominated by canals and waterways, and there is no better way to enjoy its stunning architecture. Whereas most major cities have high volumes of traffic speeding around its centres, Venice is an exception, though there are lots of boats! The ferries and gondolas which transport you around offer a impressive way to see the city and its imposing, beautiful buildings, with the waves lapping against them. Though quite choppy during the winter months, this mode of transport is a perennially enchanting one.

Venice by foot

Once off the boats, you will find wandering the city on foot to be equally mesmerising, and there are a wealth of fantastic attractions to suit any need. Whether you wish to visit designer or boutique shops, stroll through galleries and museums, or relax at the excellent cafés, restaurants and bars, there is something for everyone. Unlike various Italian locations that concentrate on the ubiquitous fare of pizza and pasta, Venice offers particularly excellent seafood and risotto, which is best enjoyed on one of its charming terraces with a bottle of wine in the cooler. Each alleyway and bridge offers a interesting attraction, and exploring the city by foot is an attraction in itself.

Stay in unique locations

Whatever you wish to do in Venice, there is no better way to finish your day than returning to a beautiful hotel, and the city has vast amounts of them. Sign up today for our fantastic offers and opportunities, and pick the hotel that best suits you and your needs. Enjoy the best of one of Europe's finest cities with the best of affordable luxury travel.

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