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Great deals to Iceland
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Great deals to Iceland

An elemental experience awaits visitors who grab a great deal on holidays to the small but fascinating country of Iceland

Fire and ice in perfect harmony

Despite its cool name, Iceland is a veritable hotbed of volcanic activity. With so many Iceland holiday offers around, now is the time to check out the magical and fascinating natural phenomena that the sparsely-populated country has to offer. Travellers looking for great Iceland holiday deals can expect to find a smorgasbord of hot geysers, glooping mud pools, giant glaciers and ice-covered volcanoes. Because of its elemental make-up, Iceland is a country of stark and dramatic contrasts that will appeal to lovers of the great outdoors who are looking for Iceland deals. If you look at a map of the country you can easily divide it into distinct regions of interest to the visitor.

Start with the capital

A visit to Iceland for most travellers new to the country should begin with the capital Reykjavik, the natural starting point. The capital city is small and compact and has a population of just 120,000 people. But make no mistake, this is a vibrant and vital cultural hub. Its museums are world class while its restaurant and cafe culture will satisfy most people’s tastes.

Once you have sampled all Reykjavik has to offer, it’s time to explore the rest of Iceland. East Iceland and its coast boasts the country’s largest forest, little harbours which are home to fishing villages and small seaside towns. By contrast, west Iceland is home to great volcanoes, awe-inspiring waterfalls and a rich variety of wildlife and flowers. The Westfjords of the country’s north west corner are an unspoiled wilderness and home to the Arctic fox - the perfect destination for peace and tranquillity as it is also mostly uninhabited. If you are an explorer at heart and looking for Iceland holiday deals, then this is where you need to head. Iceland’s southern area is the main destination for tourists with its stunning coastal towns renowned for their delicious seafood, served up in the great local Icelandic restaurants. If it's Iceland’s famous geo-thermals you are interested in, then you have to head for the Reykjanes peninsula, which can count the spectacular Blue Lagoon among its attractions. This is the place to be for the hot springs, lava fields and volcanic craters.

Cultural life abounds

Once you’ve marvelled at the stunning natural scenery, if you find yourself hankering for some culture, then you won’t be disappointed. Lovers of the arts will certainly be drawn to the various arts and music festivals held in the east of Iceland. The landscape of the east, too, has inspired a rich community of artists over the years. Johannes Sveinsson Kjarval is commemorated in a museum in his home town, well worth a visit for visitors who take up the range of great Iceland holiday offers. West Iceland is the source of the country’s rich sagas – the ancient legends that were handed down through the generations – and has a fascinating Viking heritage.

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