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Visit Oia, the enchanting town of white-washed villas and dramatic cliff edges

Santorini is a holiday destination that needs little introduction. One of the most famous of the Greek Islands, situated in the Aegean Sea, Santorini is famous for its distinctive villas with their colourful roofs, perked upon steep cliff edges and looking out onto rich blue crystal waters. People come here from far and wide to witness the stunning mixture of natural and man-made beauty of Santorini, making it the perfect escape from everyday life and more akin to a stepping straight into a fairy tale.

The enchanting town of Oia is perhaps the most obvious starting point for any holiday in Santorini. This is the town where you’ll find many of Santorini’s most iconic buildings, landmarks and natural scenery, and where you’ll also come across many local donkeys walking the streets. Oia gets very busy when the sun comes down, as people come from far and wide to watch it set against the town’s stunning backdrop. Oia is a photographer’s dream, with an abundance of dramatic, dreamy Instagram-worthy shots to stumble upon. And before watching this famous sunset, you can choose to spend a lazy afternoon wandering around Oia’s maze of cobbled streets, winding up and down the mountainside and each revealing a new treasure trove of boutiques and restaurants.

Sample delicious Greek wine, locally made

Most holidays involve a good glass of local tipple, and Santorini is no exception. The island boasts several local wineries, and there are various wine tasting tours that you can embark upon to sample a taste of the rich Greek grape. One fine example is the Santo winery, which is set among stunning scenery, and guests can spend a lazy afternoon walking around its pretty vineyards, sampling its delicious wine and feasting on hand-picked olives and Mediterranean snacks. Greek wine has a particularly rich and fruity taste while being fresh enough to cool you down from the rays of the strong afternoon sunshine.

Visit one of Santorini’s famous cave houses

When many people come to Santorini, they are keen to witness and swim in one of the island’s iconic and unique cave house pools. These intriguing “houses” are infamous pieces of Santorini architecture and were originally built to protect people from wind and heat. These days, there are many cave houses that have been transformed into unique and luxury hotels at which you can stay. Our hand-picked selection of luxury Santorini hotels includes those with cave houses, now featuring beautiful crystal-clear pools built into pure white rocks. Santorini vacation deals in these iconic and amazing small hotels can be found through us – and we promise it will be an experience you will never forget. Some of the best cave houses have pools built into the rock faces that look directly out to sea, so you can enjoy the stunning local sunset with a glass of fine Greek wine from the comfort of your own private pool.

Experience the aftermath of one of the world’s most devastating volcanoes – which literally ripped a hole in the island

It may have taken place more than 3,000 years ago, but the effects of a volcanic eruption in Santorini made the island into the dramatic landscape it is today. The eruption of Thera (as Santorini was then called) was thought to be one of the largest ever witnessed by mankind and was so big that it caused the entire middle section of the island to just fall away and disappear into the sea. It was this dramatic event that created the jagged cliff fronts that have become so iconic of modern-day Santorini. No Santorini holiday would, therefore, be complete without a visit to the Akrotiri Archaeological Site, which contains ruins of ancient settlements and gives a glimpse into what life was like in Santorini during this dramatic time in history.

Experience Santorini’s stunning red beach

While the majority of Santorini is surrounded by lush beaches with pure white sands and crystal blue seas, there is one beach that stands out for another reason – its sand is completely red. A visit to the unique Red Beach is a must during your Santorini vacation. We can help you find holiday deals in Santorini that are close by to this natural wonder, which sits close to the island’s infamous volcano. The volcanic red and black pebbles really must be seen to be believed and are a stark contrast to the typical beach backdrop. A short walk from the ancient Akrotiri, tourists often pay this rocky beach a visit during a day of taking in Santorini’s rich natural history. Just be sure to take your walking shoes, as Red Beach is full of rocky pathways and sharp volcanic stones!

Glorious weather to rival that of the Caribbean

A holiday in Santorini can be enjoyed all year round. The island enjoys a particularly pleasant and mild climate during the winter, with temperatures frequently reaching the low twenties, even in December and January. The summer months can be extremely hot, with temperatures often reaching well into the thirties, so many people choose to visit during the more pleasant times of spring and autumn where you are able to enjoy temperatures of the mid- to late-twenties. However, this Greek island enjoys a slightly cooler climate than some of its other counterparts.

If you haven’t yet experienced holidaying in Santorini, now is the perfect time. We can help you find the best deals for Santorini hotels, enabling you to enjoy this stunning and upscale destination without the high price tag.

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